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Wimalasara's Letter

From: Rev. M. Wimalasara Thero
P.O. Box No.-1, Buddhagaya
District-Gaya. Bihar

To: The Dy. Secretary,
Foreigner Division,
Ministry of Home Affairs
Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I hereby take an opportunity to appraise you of the latest developments in respect of the false and frivolous litigations initiated against me by the Ven. Dr. D. Rewatha Thero, who is acting General Secretary of the Mahabodhi Society of India.

I was falsely implicated in some crimminal cases at the instance of Ven. Dr. D. Rewatha Thero, because I had dared to oppose his re-election to the post of General Secretary of the Mahabodhi Society of Indian in 2001.

Amongst said crimminal cases one was instituted against me as Bodh Gaya P.S. Case No. - 34/2002 under sections 466, 467, 468/34 I.P.C. & Foreigners Act. Ven. Dr. D. Rewatha Thero who specifically alleged that I have purchased lands at Bodh Gaya in my personal name and have declared myself as Indian citizen, lodged this case. It is my pleasure to inform you that such allegation has been held to be unsustainable and wrong, and as such, under provisions of section 239 Cr. P.C. I have been discharged from this case vide order dated 26.05.2004 passed by the court of Sri. D.N. Yadav, Judicial Magistrate, 1st Class, Gaya.

The another case was instituted as Bodh Gaya P.S. Case No. - 27/2002 by P. Seevali Thero, an associate of Ven. D. Rewatha Thero for alleged offence of misappropriation, cheating and theft. Presently the Hon'ble High Court, Patna has stayed the proceedings of this case.

It is needless to mention here that the aforesaid criminal cases had been instituted against me only with a view to defame me and tarnish my image in the society due to personal vengence.

This is just for your information and needful.

Thanking you.

Yours in the Dhamma

Rev M. Wimalasara Thero)
Former Assistant General Secretary,
Mahabodhi Society of India.
P.O. Box No.-1, Buddhagaya
District-Gaya. Bihar

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