Topic 79: जहाँ वे हैं वहाँ शान्ति है It is peaceful where they are

Context: Tara is worried about her trip to India and talks to Rita about it. [click image for audio]

Tara worrying about going to India

Notes: जहाँ वहाँ...Where... there constructions

You can express the idea of where... there... by using जहाँ where and वहाँ there to introduce two clauses.

These kinds of sentences are called relative-correlative sentences in grammar books and normally establish the subject of the sentence in the first clause and add further information in the second clause. Note that the correlative is often omitted in English in such sentences and that the order of the clauses can be inverted in Hindi for emphasis.

English sentences like ‘My house is where the bears and leopards live in the forest.’ when translated into Hindi will need to become a sentence with two clauses.


शान्ति nf. peace

चिंता nf. worry, concern, anxiety (Sanskrit)

पिछला adj. previous

चोरी nf. robbery

चोर nm. robber, thief

वग़ैरह adv. etc. (formal Sanskritic Hindi आदि)

समस्या nf. problem

छेड़छाड़ nm. ‘teasing’ as in ‘eve-teasing’ (harrassment)

असुरक्षा nf. insecurity

दंगे-फ़साद nm. riots and civil unrest

बचना vi. to be saved, ~ से बचना to be saved from ~

पहाड़ nm. hill

धुआँ nm. smoke

आग nf. fire

भालू nm. bear

बघेरा nm. leopard

शोर nm. noise

शोरगुल adj. noisy, (note शोरगुलवाली जगहें 'noisy places' see next semester for the use of -वाला)

79 अभ्यास उन्नासी– जहाँ वहाँ Where… there….

Written task: Translate the following sentences in response to the cues.
1        If both Ramesh and Meena work in the State Bank then -
जहाँ रमेश काम करते हैं वहाँ मीना भी काम करती हैं।
2        If a profitable shop is a busy shop then -
जहाँ ग्राहक होते हैं वहाँ फ़ायदे होते हैं।
3        What can be said about the results of a cyclone?
जहाँ तूफ़ान आया वहाँ सब बरबाद हुआ।
4        What did the love struck youth say to the object of his affections?
जहाँ भी तुम जाओगी वहाँ मैं भी जाऊँगा । [जहाँ भी wherever]
5        What did he then go on to say?
जहाँ मैं जा रहा हूँ वहाँ तुमको भी जाना चाहिए।
6        What did Meena say about where she bought her new book?
जहाँ अँग्रेज़ी किताबें बिकती थीं वहाँ मैंने यह किताब ख़रीद ली।
7        Where did the old woman live?
जहाँ मीना रोज़ जाती थी वहाँ एक बूढ़ी औरत रहती थी।
8        What did I say when I lost my keys?
जहाँ मैंने अपनी चाबियाँ रख दीं वहाँ अब वे नहीं हैं !
9        What did I say when I saw your beautiful new kurta?
जहाँ आपने कुरता ख़रीदा वहाँ मैं भी एक कुरता ख़रीदूँगा।
10      What shouldn't you do where cigarette smoking is forbidden?
जहाँ सिगरेट पीना मना है वहाँ सिगरेट नहीं पीना चाहिए।           [मना होना be forbidden]