Topic 57: रविवार, सोमवार, आदि Sunday, Monday etc.

Context: Mark and Tara discuss their timetable for next week.

Mark and Tara discuss their timetable for next week


मार्क - अगले हफ़्ते हिन्दी की क्लास कब होगी?

तारा - हफ़्ते में दो बार, मंगलवार और गुरुवार को होंगी।
मंगलवार को चार बजे से छै बजे तक और गुरुवार को पाँच से सात बजे तक होगी।

मार्क - मैं भी मंगलवार को यूनीवर्सिटी में होऊँगा, लेकिन उस दिन मैं बहुत व्यस्त हूँ। तुम शुक्रवार को यूनीवर्सिटी आओगी?

तारा - हाँ, मैं शुक्रवार को दोपहर में आऊँगी। उस दिन कोई क्लास नहीं होगी तो मैं लाइब्रेरी में ठीक से काम करूँगी ।

सलीम - मैं भी शुक्रवार को तीन बजे से लाइब्रेरी में रहूँगा । क्या हम वहाँ चार बजे मिलें ?

मार्क - हाँ, शाम को चार बजे ठीक होगा।


Mark - When will the Hindi class be next week?

Tara - Two times in a week, on Tuesday and Thursday.
Then will be on Tuesday from four to six o'clock and on Thursday from five to seven o'clock.

Mark - I will also be in the university on Tuesday, but I am very busy on that day. Will you come to university on Friday?

Tara - Yes, I will come on Friday afternoon. On that day there will be no classes so I can work well in the library.

Salim - I will also be in the library after three o'clock on Friday.
Shall we meet there at four o'clock?

Tara - Yes, four in the afternoon will be good.

Notes: हफ़्ते के दिन Days of the week

The seven days of the week (all nm.) are named after the same planets in Hindi as in European Languages.

Hindi English Meaning
सोमवार Monday Moon's day
मंगलवार Tuesday Mar's day
बुधवार Wednesday Mercury's day
गुरुवार Thursday Jupiter's day (Also known as बृहस्पतिवार)
शुक्रवार Friday Venus's day
शनिवार Saturday Saturn's day
रविवार Sunday Sun's day (Also known as इतवार)

The main daily divisions of time are day and night.

दिन nm. day
रात nf. night

Day and night were each traditionally divided into four watches (पहर) and the daylight hours were divided into the following periods.

सुबह nf. morning (dawn to around eleven am)
दोपहर nm. late morning, early afternoon
(often pronounced दुपैर )
तीसरे पहर nm. afternoon
शाम nf. evening
(a period from around four pm to after dusk)

In English people speak about ‘on’ a day or ‘in’ a ‘time period’ but in Hindi it is normal to say को ‘to’ a ‘time period’, e.g.

For am. and pm. there are two alternative constructions.

नौ बजे सुबह को nine am.
सुबह के नौ बजे nine am.
नौ बजे रात को nine pm.
रात के नौ बजे nine pm.

People often speak about a period of the day rather than morning or night, i.e. four pm is:

All time related terms are normally in the oblique as if there was an implied post position after them as in:


अगला adj./adv. next, forthcoming

हफ़्ता nm. week

बार nf. time, turn, occasion

व्यस्त adj. busy

बृहस्पतिवार nm. Thursday

इतवार nm. Sunday

नहाना vi. to bathe; नहाने जाना  to go to bathe