Topic 51: उसके पेट में दर्द है He has a stomach ache (sickness)

Context: Mark’s phone rings with a call from his elder sister to tell him that her son Bobby is sick.

Didi telling Mark about her son being sick


मार्क - नमस्ते दीदी, आप कैसी हैं ?

दीदी - मैं ठीक हूँ लेकिन बॉबी बीमार है ।

मार्क - क्या बात है?

दीदी - मुझे मालूम नहीं है । वह बहुत रो रहा है और कह रहा है कि उसके पेट में दर्द हो रहा है । उसकी तबीयत ख़राब है।

मार्क - क्या उसे बुख़ार भी है ?

दीदी - हाँ।

मार्क - क्या आप उसको डॉक्टर के पास ले जाना चाहती हैं?

दीदी - नहीं, उसे सिर्फ़ दवाई चाहिए । तुम्हें दवाई की दुकान का पता मालूम है ? तुम जल्दी दवाई ले आओ । वह बहुत रो रहा है इस लिए मुझे बहुत घबराहट हो रही है ।


Mark - Greetings Didi, how are you?

Didi - I am fine, but Bobby is sick.

Mark - What is the matter?

Didi - I don't know. He is crying a lot and says that he has a pain in his stomach. His health is bad.

Mark - Does he have a fever as well?

Didi - Yes.

Mark - Do you want to take him to the doctor?

Didi - No, he only needs medicine. Do you know the address of the pharmacy? Bring medicine quickly. He is crying and because of this I am very worried.

Notes: pain and sickness

‘I have a pain in my stomach’ is a normal English expression. But, in Hindi, as there is no word for ‘to have’ people express the idea of having a sickness in different ways from English. People speak about pain and injury, things you could point at, by saying that they are ‘in them’. They speak about conditions and states, things you can’t point at, by saying that they are ‘to them’.
‘Having’ a pain when it is something you could point at.

In English you can say ‘I have a pain in my stomach’ or ‘I have a stomach ache’. This is also the case when the pain is in the torso or head in Hindi.
But, in neither English nor Hindi is it normal to refer to a pain in the limbs by saying something like ‘foot ache’ and instead you would say.
‘Having’ a condition when it is something you could not point at.
People also often refer to ailments without 'possessing' the pain.


पेट nm. stomach

दर्द nm. pain

दीदी nf. elder sister (address term)

बीमार adj. sick

रोना vi. to weep

बुख़ार nm. fever

दवाई nf. medicine (or दवा )

पता nm. address, knowledge; X को पता होना to know ~

इस लिए phr. therefore

घबराहट nf. worry, anxiety; घबराहट होना to be worried

सिरदर्द nm. head-ache

पेटदर्द nm. stomach-ache

ज़ुकाम nm. cold, flue

तबीयत nf. health

ले जाना vi. to take to somewhere

ले आना vi. to bring