Topic 50: क्या करना चाहते हो What do you want to do? (wanting)

Context: Mark and Tara are talking about what they want to do next.

discussing what to do next


मार्क - खाना खाने के बाद तुम लोग क्या करना चाहते हो?

तारा - मैं नई फ़िल्म देखना चाहती हूँ । सेंट्रल सिनेमा में ‘बाहु बली’ चल रही है लेकिन यहाँ से सेंट्रल सिनेमा जाने का रास्ता मुझे मालूम नहीं है ।

सलीम - तुम यहाँ से सीधे जाओ ।
अगले चौराहे पर बाएँ मुड़ो, थोड़ी दूर जाकर म्यूज़ियम के सामने से बस नं. बीस लो ।

तारा - सलीम तुम इसके बाद कहाँ जाना चाहते हो?

सलीम - मैं भी फ़िल्म देखना चाहता हूँ । मार्क तुम क्या करना चाहते हो?

मार्क - मैं लाइब्रेरी जाना चाहता हूँ । वहाँ जाने के बाद पढ़ाई करना चाहता हूँ ।

तारा - लाइब्रेरी स्टेशन के दाएँ हाथ पर है, या बाएँ हाथ पर है?


Mark - What do you folk want to do after eating?

Tara - I want to see a new film. 'Bahu Bali' film is running in the central cinema, but I don't know the way from here to the central cinema.

Salim - You go straight from here.
Then turn left at the next cross-roads, go a little way and take the number 20 bus from outside the museum.

Tara - Salim, where do you want to go after that?

Salim - I also want to see a film. Mark what do you want to do?

Mark - I want to go the library. After going there I want to study.

Tara - Is the library on the left of right side of the station?

Notes: infinitive + चाहना  to want to do an action

The use of चाहना  as finite verb in the sentence after an infinitive, means want to ~ and was introduced in topic 41 as in

Distinguishing between ‘want to’ and ‘should’

To say ‘should do ~’ in Hindi use:
[oblique form of pronoun] + को action + चाहिए. For example:
But to say ‘want to ~’ in Hindi use
[direct form of pronoun] infinitive + चाहना. For example:
Note that in the ‘should’ construction if the action you should do is a transitive verb, and the Hindi subject of the verb is feminine or masculine plural then the verb shows agreement and can take forms ending in -आ -ए - ई.
But remember that in the ‘want to’ construction the verb is invariable.


रास्ता nm. way, path, road

मालूम adj. known; मालूम होना  to know

सीधा adj. straight

चौराहा nm. crossroads, intersection

बाएँ adj. left

दाहिना adj. right

बाएँ-दाएँ adj. left & right

थोड़ा adj. little (of quantity, measure)

के सामने ppn. opposite