Topic 47: बहुत सुंदर लग रही है Looking very good (liking vs. seeming)

Context: as they eat sweets they discuss their favourite colours.

What do you like?


तारा - मार्क तुमको कौन-सा रंग अच्छा लगता है?

मार्क - मुझको नीला रंग पसंद है । मैं ज़्यादातर नीले रंग के कुरते पहनता हूँ ।

तारा - मैं कभी-कभी पीले रंग की साड़ी पहनती हूँ ।

सलीम - मुझे हरा रंग बहुत पसन्द है लेकिन मैं ज़्यादातर सफ़ेद रंग की क़मीज़ पहनता हूँ । और हाँ, मेरे दोस्त विवेक को भूरा रंग अच्छा लगता है ।

तारा - मेरा प्रिय रंग लाल रंग है।


Tara - Mark, what colour do you like?

Mark - I like blue. I mostly wear blue kurtas.

Tara - I sometimes wear a yellow sari.

Salim - I like green a lot but mostly I wear white shirts.

And yes, my friend Vivek likes brown.

Tara - My favourite colour is red.

Notes: Like vs. appear

The use of adjective + लगना can sometimes give a sense of seem or appear and in some cases there is no need to directly translate it into English.

Note that in the last case to add ‘seems/appears’ in English would be odd as it would suggest doubt about your perception of the sari’s beauty.

Notes: ठीक है, है न? That’s right, isn’t it (tag questions)

In some contexts you want to confirm some information and are hoping you are going to get a yes answer. In such contexts you can turn a statement into an informal ‘tag’ question requesting confirmation of the information by adding है न after the end of the statement, and pausing before the verb. Suppose you wanted to check that there was sugar in the tea you could say.

To which, hopefully, you would get this reply.

This construction is more complicated in English than Hindi as in English it changes to agree with the number of the subject (isn’t it, aren’t they, etc.) Note that in Urdu the correct spelling for to mark a tag question is ना and you often see it spelled this way in Hindi as well, but Hindi grammar books regard it as incorrect.


रंग nm. colour

सफ़ेद white

हरा green

पीला yellow

भूरा brown

सुनहरा golden/blond

बैंगनी purple

केसरी saffron

गुलाबी rose/pink

नारंगी orange/tangerine

हल्का adj. light (of colours, weight)

गहरा adj. dark (of colours), deep

साड़ी nf. sari