Topic 45: मैं पाँचवें साल में पढ़ रहा हूँ I am studying in the fifth year

Context: Tim and Vikas strike up a conversation in the restaurant.

Tim and Vikas talking


टिम - आजकल तुम क्या पढ़ रहे हो?

विकास - मैं अब चौथे साल में हूँ और मैं गणित और विज्ञान पढ रहा हूँ।

टिम - पहले तुम क्या पढ़ते थे?

विकास - पहले साल में मैं विज्ञान और इंजीनियरिंग पढ़ता था । लेकिन दूसरे साल से मैं गणित पढ़ रहा हूँ। तीसरे साल में मैं जर्मन पढ़ रहा था। तुम कौन-से साल में हो?

टिम - मैं छठे साल में पढ़ रहा हूँ। मैं चिकित्सा, यानी मेडिसन, पढ़ता हूँ।


Tim - What are you studying nowadays?

Vikas - I am in the fourth year and I am studying maths and science.

Tim - What were you studying?

Vikas - In the first year I studied science and engineering. But, from the second year I have been studying maths. I was studying German in the third year. What year are you in?

Tim - I am in the sixth year. I am studying chikitsa, that is medicine.

Notes: Ordinal numbers

Ordinal numbers are the way to say things like first, second, etc.

To form ordinal numbers greater than ten you add -वाँ to the number, for instance

Hindi ordinal numbers inflect like काला black, but all those ending in -वाँ are nasalized and forms include nf. –वीं nm. obl. –वें.

Note that पहले can also mean previously but you can normally tell by context whether it means first or previously. In addition the दूसरा  often carries the sense of other or another, and the meaning can be ambiguous in some contexts. दूसरा प्याला दो। could mean give me a second cup or give me another (i.e. a different) cup so instead you could use एक और one more and say, एक और प्याला दो।  Give me another cup.

You also sometimes hear the Sanskrit forms प्रथम, द्वितीय and तृतीय for first, second, and third in formal contexts. Such as प्रथम श्रेणी meaning first class in terms of first class rail transport, or प्रथम श्रेणी क्रिकेट first class cricket.


आजकल nowadays

पहला first

दूसरा second

तीसरा third

चौथा fourth

पाँचवाँ fifth

छठा sixth

सातवाँ seventh

आठवाँ eighth

नवाँ ninth

दसवाँ tenth

ग्यारहवाँ eleventh

एक और ‘one more’

चिकित्सा medical treatment, medicine