Topic 38: मैं दिल्ली में पढ़ता था I studied in Delhi (past imperfective)

Context: Mark asks Salim about his background and Tara asks Salim about his friend Vivek.


मार्क - सलीम, तुम बनारस में रहते थे?

सलीम - हाँ, मेरा परिवार बनारस में रहता था ।

मार्क - मैं बचपन में हाँगकाँग में रहता था लेकिन अब मेलबर्न में रहता हूँ ।

तारा - मैं बचपन में सिडनी में रहती थी लेकिन अब मेलबर्न में रहती हूँ ।

सलीम - बनारस के बाद मैं दिल्ली में यूनीवर्सिटी में पढ़ता था। अब मैं यहाँ रिसर्च कर रहा हूँ।

तारा - क्या विवेक भी तुम्हारे साथ दिल्ली में पढ़ता था?

सलीम - हाँ, हम साथ-साथ पढ़ते थे और साथ-साथ रहते भी थे ।


Mark - Salim, did you live in Banaras?

Salim - Yes, my family lived in Banaras.

Mark - I lived in Hongkong in childhood but now I live in Melbourne.

Tara - I lived in Sydney in childhood but now I live in Melbourne.

Salim - After Banaras I studied in Delhi University. Now I am doing research here.

Tara - Did Vivek study with you in Delhi?

Salim - Yes, we studied together and lived together.

Notes: The past imperfective tense

The past imperfective is used to refer to actions which were done more than once in the past. It is like the English ‘I used to do [something]’, It is the same as the present imperfective but with the endings –था –थे  -थी –थीं .
The past imperfective of the verb जाना,  to go






मैं जाता था

मैं जाती थी

I used to go


तू जाता था

तू जाती थी

you used to go


यह जाता था

यह जाती थी

he/she/it used to go


वह जाता था

वह जाती थी

he/she/it used to go


हम जाते थे

हम जाती थीं

we used to go


तुम जाते थे

तुम जाती थीं

you used to go


आप जाते थे

आप जाती थीं

you used to go


ये जाते थे

ये जाती थीं

they used to go


वे जाते थे

वे जाती थीं

they used to go


Note that in the past imperfective you normally have to include the final था, थे, थी, थीं or it would not be possible to know whether you were saying you don’t do something or didn’t do something.

However, by context sometimes its also clear that the meaning is past imperfective.


के_लिए ppn. for, for the sake of 039
नीला adj. blue 039
चीज़ nf. physical thing, object 039
धूप nf. sunshine; nm. incense 039
का ppn. ‘s, ‘of’ (का, के, की) 039
सुंदर adj. beautiful 039
के_पास ppn. near; ‘to have’ 039
टिकट nm. ticket 039
शास्त्रीय adj. classical 039
के_बाद ppn. after 039
के_पहले ppn. before (also sometimes से पहले ) 039
से_दूर ppn. far from (note मुझसे दूर  far from me) 039