Topic 15: Additional Conjunct Characters अतिरिक्त संयुक्त अक्षर

The sixth, and final, group of conjunct consonants are forms that sometimes are quite distinct in appearance from the consonants they are formed from. There are also a great number of less common conjunct consonants which you will gradually come across and these are best learned as and when you encounter them.

क्र=क्+र as in कार्यक्रम
nm. program, as in TV program

त्र =त्+र as in मित्र
nm. / nf. friend
(everyday Hindi दोस्त)

क्त=क्+त as in भक्त
nm. devotee

शृ=श्+ऋ as in शृंगार
nm. decoration, ‘make up’.

द्ध=द्+ध as in बुद्ध
nm. the Buddha

द्व=द्+व as in गुरुद्वारा
nm. Gurudvara, a Sikh temple

श्व=श्+व as in विश्वविद्यालय
nm. university

हृ=ह्+ऋ as in हृदय
nm. heart
(everyday Hindi दिल)

श्च=श्+च as in पश्चिम
nm. West