Topic 9: य - ह sounds (semivowels, sibilants, aspirate)


This group of sounds includes four semi-vowels, sounds which are closely related to vowels, three 's' type sounds which are sometimes called sibilants and sometimes fricatives and an 'h' sound which can be called an aspirate.

for यात्री nm./nf. traveller.

is similar to the y in young.

for राजा nm. king or रानी nf. queen.

is similar to r in ridge.

for लड़का nm. boy.

is similar to the l in long,

for वर्षा nf. rain (note वर्षा is the formal Sanskrit word for rain, it is also known as बारिश).

is between the sounds v and w, In the East it sounds more like a  ‘w’ and in the West more like a ‘v’.

for शलवार nm. cotton trousers.

is similar to the sh in shoe.

as in षटकोण nm. hexagon.

is similar to sh in flush, Most Hindi speakers actually pronounce as .

as in सेब nm. apple.

is similar to the s in song.

as in हाथ nm. hand. is similar to the h in perhaps or behind.