Topic 8: group (labial sounds)


This group of sounds are all involve touching the lips together and due that can be called labial sounds.

for पानी nm. water.

is similar to the p in spit. is different from initial p sounds in English because English initial p is more voiced than which is never voiced.

for फल nm. fruit.

is an aspirated form of प. It is a little like the p in power but with more emphasis on the expulsion of breath with the consonant. However, many Hindi speakers say फ़ when they are pronouncing this character.

for बाल nm. hair (in formal Hindi बाल also means nm. child).

a is similar to the b in bet.

forभारत nm. India.

is the aspirated form of . It is spoken like but with a strong out breath as you say it. The top of this character is open which distinguishes it from the following character.

for मकान nm. house.

is similar to m in mind. Note: it is important when writing to put a loop in the front lower corner of to distinguish it from .