Topic 6: ट group (cerebral sounds)


These sounds are all pronounced with the tongue touching the top of the soft palate of the mouth.

for टोपी nf. hat.

is a form of t sound. When saying ट the tip of the tongue should touch the top of the mouth and then be flicked back. Hindi speakers hear English ‘t’ sounds like this and the Indian pronunciation of words like ‘ticket’, ‘tomato’, ‘cutlet’ reflects this.

for ठोड़ी nf. chin.

is the aspirated version of . It is slightly similar to the t in train, but is pronounced with the tip of the tongue touching the ridge of the mouth and is strongly aspirated.

for डिब्बा nm. box, container.

is a little like the d in hard. The tongue should touch the ridge of the mouth while saying it and then be quickly flapped down.

for ढाबा nm. a small restaurant.

is the aspirated version of , It should be pronounced like but strongly aspirated.

for ब्राह्मण nm. Brahman.

is an ‘n’ said with the tongue towards the top of the mouth. As a consonant in its own right does not occur at the beginning of words. It also occurs as an ‘n’ sound immediately before the consonants: