Topic 5: group sounds (palatal sounds)


These sounds are all pronounced with the tongue touching the back of the soft palate of the mouth.

for चम्मच nm. or nf. spoon.

is similar to the ch in church. The tip of the tongue touches the soft palate of the mouth as you are saying it.

for छत nf. roof.

is the aspirated form of . It is pronounced like but strongly aspirated.

for जलेबी nf. a type of sweet.

is similar to the j in the jail. It is a voiced sound which means you should be able to feel your vocal chords vibrate as you say it, which distinguishes it from . It is not a soft sound like French za and should not be pronounced in that way.

for झोला nm. shoulder bag.

is the aspirated version of ज. It is slightly similar to the -dgeh- in hedgehog.

for मंच nm. stage.

is similar to the n in inch. It is pronounced with the back of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth. It does not occur at the beginning or end of words and occurs only as an ‘n’ sound immediately before: and .