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A list of Dhammapada translations

Melbourne, 23 May 2007, Peter Friedlander. I have been working on an article about different editions of the Dhammapada and have found so far around eighty different translations in English and Hindi. I have consulted a number of sources, such as the La Trobe Library Catalogue, the catalogue of the University of Chicago, and the page on the Dhammapada in wikipedia. The editions I have found so far, in chronological order of publication, are listed below

Melbourne, 27 July, 2007, Peter Friedlander. I have updated this page and it now includes links to several more editions, including the full text of the earliest English Dhammapada translation, by Daniel Gogerly from 1840, and links to on line texts of editions where available.

I recently also gave two talks on this topic, the audio for which is available here.
'Dhammapada: Translations and traditions' Paper at the Australian Association for the study of Religion Conference in Melbourne on Saturday July 7th 2007 (mp3 format, 24 minutes, 3MB)
'Dhammapada: Translations and contexts' Seminar for Translation Writers Interest Group at La Trobe University on the 27th July 2007 (mp3 format, 45 minutes, 6MB).

Dhammapada Editions

Gogerly, D., (1840), The Footsteps of Relgion, (PDF 184kb).
Fausböll, V., (1855), Dhammapadam / ex tribus codicibus Hauniensibus Palice edidit, Latine vertit, excerptis ex Commentario Palico notisque illustravit V. Fausböll., Apud Williams & Norgate: Londini.
Weber, A., (1860), Das Dhammapadam: die alteste buddhistische, Leipzig.
Müller, M., (1870), Buddhaghosha's Parables, translated from Burmese by Captain T. Rogers, R. E. With an Introduction, containing Buddha's Dhammapada, translated from Pâli by F. Max Müller, London. (Full Text at Internet Archive)
Müller, M., (1872), Lectures on the science of religion, with a paper on Buddhist nihilism, and a translation of the Dhammapada or "Path of virtue.", Scribner: New York.
Beal, S., (1878), Texts from the Buddhist canon, commonly known as Dhammapada, with accompanying narratives. Translated from the Chinese, Trübner & co: London. (Full text at Internet Archive)
Hû, F., (1878), Le Dhammapada: avec introduction et notes par Fernand Hû, suivi du sutra en 42 articles, traduit du Tibétain, avec introd. et notes par Léon Feer., E. Leroux: Paris.
Gray, J., (1881), The Dhammapada, American Mission Press: Rangoon.
Müller, M., (1881), The Sacred Books of the East, Vol. X: The Dhammapada Translated from the Pâli by F. Max Müller and The Sutta-Nipâta Translated from the Pâli by V. Fausböll, The Clarendon Press: Oxford. (Full Text at Internet Archive)
Müller, M., (2000[1881]), Wisdom of the Buddha: the unabridged Dhammapada, Dover Publications: New York.
Rockhill, W., (1982[1883]), Udanavarga : a collection of verse from the Buddhist canon / compiled by Dharmatrata ; translated from the Tibetan of the Bkah-hgyur ; with notes and extract from the commentary of Pradjnavarman, Rare Reprints: Delhi.
Carus, P., (1894), The gospel of Buddha : according to old records, Open Court Pub. Co.: Chicago.
Edmunds, A., (1902), HYMNS OF THE FAITH (Dhammapada): being an ancient anthology preserved in the Short Collection of the Sacred Scriptures of the Buddhists. Translated from the Pali, Open Court Publishing Co.: Chicago.
Carus, P., (1911), Buddhist hymns; versified translations from the Dhammapada and various other sources, adapted to modern music, Open Court publishing company: Chicago.
Wagiswara, W., & Saunders, K., (1912), The Buddha's "Way of Virtue"; a translation of the Dhammapada from the Pali text, John Murray: London. (Full text at Internet Archive)
Edmunds, A., & Anesaki, M., (1914), Buddhist and Christian Gospels : now first compared from originals : being Gospel parallels from Pali texts reprinted with additions , Innes & Sons: Philadelphia.
Silacara (1915), The Dhammapada, Buddhist Society: London.
Suriyagoda Sumangala (1915), The Dhammapada, Ceylon Antiquary (Full Text at Internet Archive)
Buddhadatta, A., (1920?), The Dhammapada, Colombo Apothecaries: .
Barua, B., & Mitra, S., (1988[1921]), Prakrit Dhammapada: based upon M. Senart's Kharosthi manuscript with text, translation & notes, Sri Satguru Publications : Delhi.
Burlingame, E., (1921), Buddhist legends / translated from the original Pali text of the Dhammapada commentary, Harvard Univ. Press: Cambridge, Mass..
Woodward, F., (1921), The Buddha's Path of Virtue, Theosophical Publishing House: London & Madras.
Rhys Davids, C., (1931), "Verses on Dhamma", in Minor Anthologies of the Pali Canon, volume I, Pali Text Society: Lancaster.
Vaidya, P., (1934), The Dhammapada, Oriental Book Agency: Poona.
Bhagat, N., (1935), The Dhammapada; text in Devanagari with English translation, Buddha Society: Bombay.
Bhagwat, N., (1968[1935]), The Dhammapada; text in Devanagari with English translation, Taipei: Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation.
Babbitt, I., (1936), The Dhammapada, Oxford University Press: New York & London.
Kausalayan, A., (1996[1938]), Dhammapada?, Buddhabhumi Prakasan: Nagpur.
Austin , J., (1945), The Dhammapada, Buddhist Society: London.
Narada (1946), The Dhammapada; translation and text with notes and index by Narada Thera. With a foreword by Cassius A. Pereira, Daily News Press: Colombo.
Radhakrishnan, S., (1999[1950]), The Dhammapada, Oxford University Press: Delhi.
Narada (1954), The Dhammapada. Translated with notes by Narada Thera. With a foreword by Bhikkhu Kassapa and introd. by E. J. Thomas. , J. Murray: London.
Anonymous (1955), The Dhammapada, Cunningham Press: Alhambra, California.
Raja, C., (1956), Dhammapada (Holy text of the Buddhists) / Pali text in Sanskrit with English translation, Theosophical Publishing House: Adyar.
Raja, K., (1956), The Dhammapada, Theosophical Publishing House: Madras.
Violette, W., (1956), The Wayfarer an interpretation of the Dhammapada , DeVorss & Co. : .
Mother, T., (1997[1958]), Dhammapada [Text in original Pali with the Mother’s Translation and Commentaries], Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute: Ladnun.
Buddharakkhita (1959), The Dhammapada, Maha Bodhi Society: Bangalore.
Brough, J., (2001[1962]), The Gandhari Dharmapada, Motilal Banarasidas: Delhi.
Narada (1978[1963]), The Dhammapada, Buddhist Missionary Society: Kuala Lumpur.
Khantipalo (1966), Growing the Bodhi Tree in the Garden of the Heart, Buddhist Association of Thailand: Bangkok.
Lal, P., (1967), The Dhammapada, Farrar, Straus & Giroux: New York.
Narada (1970), The Dhammapada. Text and translation, Maha Bodhi Society of India: Calcutta.
Vinoba& Diva?, K., (1996[1972]), The Dhammapada; nava-sa?hita (re-arrangement of the Pali text). Editor: Vinoba. Translation, notes, and introd. by Srikrishna Datta Bhatta., Gram seva mandal: Vardha.
Mascaro, J., (1973), The Dhammapada, Penguin Books: London.
Elenjimittam, A., (1975), Buddha's teachings : The Dhammapada, Allahabad Saint Paul Society: Allahabad.
Byron, T., (1976), Dhammapada: the sayings of the Buddha: a new rendering by Thomas Byrom Photography by Sandra Weiner with a foreword by Ram Dass, Wildwood House: London.
Byron, T., (1993[1976]), Dhammapada: the sayings of the Buddha: a rendering by Thomas Byrom with a foreword by Ram Dass, Shambhala: Boston & London.[pocket classic]
Dharmarakhita, B., (1999[1976]), Dhammapada, Motilal Banarasidas: Dilli.
Ramachandrudu, P., (1976), Dhammapada : Pali text, with Sanskrit translation, notes in Sanskrit, English translation, and introduction, Pullela Subblakshmi: Hyderabad.
Shukla, N., (1979), The Buddhist hybrid Sanskrit, Dharmapada , K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute: Patna.
Brahmachari, S., (1980), The Dhammapada (A Translation with Text), Buddha-Gaya Temple Management Committee: Bodhgaya.
Kaviratna, H., (1980), Dhammapada: wisdom of the Buddha, Theosophical University Press: Pasadena.
Sparham, G., (1986[1983]), The Tibetan Dhammapada: sayings of the Buddha, Wisdom Publications: London.
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Eswaran, E., (1996[1986]), The Dhammapada, Penguin: Delhi.
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Carter, R., & Palihawadana, M., (1987), The Dhammapada : a new English translation with the Pali text, and the first English translation of the commentary's explanation of the verses with notes / translated from Sinhala sources and critical textual comments , Oxford University Press: New York .
Maitreya, A., (1988), The Dhammapada, : .
Banerjee, N., (1989), The Dhammapada / Nikunja Vihari Banerjee ; with a foreword by Margaret Chatterjee., Munshiram Manoharlal: Delhi.
Daw Mya Tin (1990), The Dhammapada : verses & stories, Sri Satguru Publications: Delhi.
Jain, B., (1990), Prakrta-Dhammapada : Hindi evam Angreji anuvada sahita / sampadaka Bhagacandra Jaina "Bhaskara" ; prakkathana Lokesacandra ; prastavana, Ramesa Muni Sastri. , Prakrta Bharati Akadami: Jayapura.
Osho (1990), The Dhammapada: The way of the Buddha : this is the path to the ultimate truth, Rebel Publ. House: Pune & Cologne.
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Cleary, T., (1995), The Dhammapada, Thorsons: London.
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Norman, K., (2000[1997]), The Word of the Doctrine (Dhammapada), The Pali Text Society: Oxford.
Thanissaro Bhikkhu, (1998), The Dhammapada, Dhamma Dana Publications, Barre Center for Buddhist Studies: Barre MS.(Full text at Internet Archive)
Munindo, A., (2000), A Dhammapada for Contemplation: a rendering by Ajahn Munindo, River Publications: Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery.
Roth, G., (2000), Discussions about the Patna Dharmapada, Patna Museum: Patna.
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Dhammajoti (nd.), The Dhammapada, Mahabodhi Society: Benares.

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