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Stories from 2000
Stories from 1998

Stories from 2000

Beautification Program agreed for Bodhgaya
Assistant Reporter, Bodhgaya, 24 October. The meeting of the Mahabodhi Temple Management committee was conducted in the offices of the committee offices under the Chairmanship of the District Magistrate Amrit Lal Meena. more...

Indication of opening of sub office for registration of foreigners Gaya, 8 August. A sub-office for the registration of foreigners is to be opened soon in the International tourist site of Bodh Gaya. more...

Stories from 1998

One thousand VIPs to attend Buddhist Festival Gaya, Gaya Office, 21 September. About a thousand foreign VIPs from Buddhist countries will attend the 'International Buddhist Festival' .more...

Tourists will come to the 'Buddhist Festival' via broken down roads Gaya Office, Gaya, 20 September. The concluding ceremonies of the 'Buddhist Festival' more...

Demonstration and Dharna By Bodhgaya Shopkeepers Gaya Office, Gaya 19 September. The Bodhgaya Branch of the District-Footpath-Shopkeeper-Barrow-Hawker Union more...

Everyone peacefully captured they booths they were enthusiastic about: Stealing of ballot papers and fraudulent balloting in the Gaya constituency
Gaya, 16 February (Office reporter). There was fraudulent balloting, stealing of ballots, more...

Turned into a Urinal Gaya, 16 February (Own Correspondent). The former Railway Minister Ramvilas Paswan in a splendid ceremony some months ago inaugurated the beautification of the railway station. more...

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