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Ven. Rahul in Police Custody
Bodhgaya, 11 August (Dainik Jagran). The Police took into custody on Wednesday night the Ven. Rahul Sankriyayan the secretary of the Vajrabodhi Society which runs in Bodhgaya. The Officer in charge of Bodhgaya Police station B. N. Mishra said that Babu Ray Manjhi of Mochiram village had made a complaint against him. He had been taken into custody in relation to section 420 of the act.
It is known that the society runs a free school for around 450 children in the village of Mochiram. So called people's representatives and 'heavies' had previously taken in an interest in. Due to which the operations of the school have been totally at a halt for some months. News of Ven. Rahul being taken into police custody has caused anger to spread amongst Buddhist monks. Whilst Ven. Rahul has accused the police of acting inapproriately and in alliance with the crimminals.
It is notable that whilst a case had been registered against the accused in the case of thefts from the school and threats to Ven. Rahul's life no action was taken due to which Ven. Rahul threatened to immolate himself on Independence day. Sources say that a party of Buddhist monks will express their anger about the action of the local administration to the Chief Minister of the State and Central Railway Minister (Lalu Lal Prasad) when he visits on Thursday.


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