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Committee formed to lower curtain on dispute
Bodhgaya, 19 April, (Dainik Jagran). In the field of maintaining the cultural heritage of Bihar the Mahanth Shatanand Giri Sanskrit College is the custodian of a splendid tradition, but, today due to clashes caused by utter selfishness it is in tatters after a matter of a mere few years.
A notification has been issued of an ad-hoc committee to be formed under the oversight of the college inspection for 2002 to lower the curtain on this long running dispute concerning the running of this cultural college which has been run by the well respected Indian educator and well known literateur Acarya Kishor Kunal. Prior to March 2002 there was a governing body formed. In this were seven members, including the college director, teacher representatives, public representatives, and the block officer etc.
In March 2002 under the order of the principal in memo 2661 issued by the principal's office there was a new ad-hoc committee in which were as chairman Deen Dayal Giri, Purushottama Upadhyaya secretary and as members Maruti Nandan Pathak, Nitya Shankar Mukhopadhyaya, Dr. M. Bariya. It is said that after the formation the of the new committee the first meeting was organised in April. As the committee was about to meet the secretary Mr. Upadhyaya resigned. In his resignation letter he said that this was due to his inability to address the sickness which was afflicting the institution. After this the principal made the former cultural department secretary Ashwani Kumar the secretary.
It is notable that the committee in its meeting on January 30th was unable to appoint a [new] principal and three members resigned. Due to this the VC [of Magadh University?] dissolved the committee and appointed a new ad-hoc committee. According to reliable sources in 2002 after Mr Kunal inspected the college he found that the previous governing body had made several unauthorised appointments. The appointee Ms Sudha Kumar was dismissed and appropriate steps were undertaken consequent on an order issued in March 2003.
[Note this institution has been is trouble for a long time and this seems to be the latest round in a long drawn out saga:- PGF]

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