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High Security at Gaya Temples, Metal Detectors at Vishnupad and Mahabodhi Temples Gaya, 25 September (Dainik Jagran). After yesterday's terrorist attack on the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar security measures have been made extremely tough at all Monasteries and Temples in Gaya. Gurkha BSF [Border Security Force] B-19 has been deployed at several locations in the city whilst the security of the Vishnupad temple has been entrusted to the CRPF. [Central Reserve Police Force]. Worshippers are only being allowed into the Vishnupad and Mahabodhi Temples after checking with metal detectors. Apart from this mounted police have been requested from the central office. There is news that extra forces are also arriving here.
An emergency meeting was held late last night at the committee office of the Vishnupad Trust under the leadership of the District Commissioner Brajesh Mehotra and Police Superintendent Ravindran Shankaran. The meeting ran from midnight to two in the morning and in it several important decisions were taken regarding the security of pilgrims who have come for the Pitripaksa Fair.
[The rest of the article contains details the deployment of two hundred BSP Gurkhas at various locations in the city and the CPRF at Vishnupad temple and eight other platoons in the city and requests for more women police officers and mounted police. It also says that so far around a 100,000 pilgrims have now come from home and abroad to attend the Fair. In another, very similar report it also states that in view of the international importance of the Mahabodhi temple security and it and the monasteries in Bodhgaya has been increased:-PGF].

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