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Soil Testing Centre Closed Five Years Due to Lack of Chemicals
Gaya, 11 August (Dainik Jagran). Due to a lack of chemicals the only Soil Testing Centre in the District has been closed now since five years. Whilst the Government is spending lakhs of rupees on it without any reduction in costs.
In this connection the the Integrated Agricultural Director of Gaya District Magadh Mr. August Tigga said that the soil testing laboratory at the Bodhgaya Agricultural Farm was the only soil testing laboratory in the district. For soil testing there were employed at the laboratory two assistant agricultural investigation officers, a laboratory assistant worker a night watchman and an orderly and a soil chemist. Nowadays the post of soil chemist was unfilled.
Mr Tigga said that in farming work it was essential to test soil to determine which plant would be most successful in which soil and with integrated development of crops and to discover why plants withered unexpectedly and matters such as attacks by insects and pests. Due to being the only soil testing station in Gaya district work was carried out all round the year at the soil testing laboratory. He said that the equipment for soil testing was all available at the Bodhgaya laboratory. It was only due to lack of chemicals that it had been closed for the last five years.

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