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Vimalasara Thero of the Mahabodhi Society arrested over Lakhs of rupees racket
Gaya, 26 April. The former in-charge of the Mahabodhi Society of India and assistant general secretary M. Vimalasara Thero was today arrested by police over an allegation of a lakhs of rupees racket. The news of the arrest of Vimalasara who is originally from Sri Lanka was sent to the Sri Lanka High Commission in Delhi. On Vimalasara complaining of chest pains he was admitted in the Anugraha Narayana Medical College Hospital. Vimalasara has also been the monk in charge of the organisation of foreign monasteries situated in Bodhgaya.
Police Superintendent Ravindran Shankaran said that the First Information Report had been registered at the Bodhgaya Police Station by P. Sivali Thero the In-charge of the Mahabodhi Society of India. The First Information Report was registered as case no. 27/2002 under sections 406, 420, 379, 34 and 120 of the Indian Penal Code. Mr Shankaran said that for the previous seven and half years Vimalasara had been the monk in charge of the Mahabodhi Society in Bodhgaya. During this period he had broken the rules of the Society Registration Act of 1960 and the Mahabodhi Society of India.
He had formed trusts and bought land at three or four places near Bodhgaya. Appointed as the Chairman of the Indo-Sri Lankan cultural Society he had bought 22.5 Dismils [Decimils?] of land in Nevatapur. Mr Shankaran said that at the time of the registration of the land he had given his nationality as Indian. He said that in respect of this deception a separate case no. 34/2002 had been registered at Bodhgaya Police Station. Mr Shankaran said that the Mahabodhi Society had two accounts at the State Bank of India in Bodhgaya. But lakhs of rupees which Vimalasara had received for the society had not been paid into the said two accounts. Instead he had paid it into the account of his own man Kuncum Namgyal and committed a financial irregularity. From November to February 2002 within two and a half months he had paid into account no. 1508 in the Indian Overseas Bank branch in Gaya six lakhs, 53 thousand and 409 rupees. Of which about four and half lakhs were after conversion from foreign currency. This sum had been used by Vimalasara for his own personal benefit. Mr Shankaran said that there was evidence had been obtained of a divergence of about 18 lakhs of rupees in Vimalasara's accounts.
Mr Shankaran said that Rajpal Rana, a helper of Vimalasara, had made over considerable assets of the society into his own name and named a centre the 'Buddhist International Society Mumbai'. Mr Shankaran also said that one leading helper of Vimalasara was [called] D.L.S. Jayavarddhana who was living in Calcutta. He also said that the police hoped that in the investigation more mysteries would be solved.
Mr Shankaran said that a non-bailable arrest warrant had been in Bodhgaya by Madhusudhan Bari the Police Superintendent of Office One. As soon as he was arrested Vimalasara complained of pains in his chest and police admitted him for treatment in the hospital of the Anugraha Narayana Medical College. As soon as the agreement of the doctors was obtained he would be remanded in legal custody in Gaya Jail.

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