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Dispute Flares up over the Ramnavami Procession at Vishnupad Temple
Gaya, 19 April. A dispute has arisen over the procession for Ramnavami at the sacred Vishnupad Temple. Whilst the committee is fully engaged in preparations for the procession the secretary has sent a letter opposing it to the police station. A situation of indecision has been created by this situation of opposition arising between the Chairman and Secretary.
The Vishnupad temple Management Committee Chairman Baccu Lal Bitthal has today distributed a letter to his Gayapal [Brahmin community] community brethren. In the letter it clearly states that this year, as last year, arrangements have been made for the procession. But the Secretary Amarnath Dokri has opposed the procession in writing and expressed the possibility that it might lead to a breach of the peace and sent a letter to the local police station peace committee saying this.
[The report continues with further details of this story to the effect that the Chairman Mr Bitthal is saying that the Secretary's actions are threatening the reputation of the Temple. Meanwhile Mr Dhokri is saying that what he actually was doing was simply notifying the Peace Committee that the procession was to be held.
It should be noted that processions such as these can become the focus for communal tensions. If a Hindu procession moves through a Muslim area it can lead to problems and likewise if a Muslim procession attempts to move through a Hindu area there can be problems.]

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