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Christian Missionaries spreading their nets in Barachatti area
Barachatti, (Gaya), 17 April. In numerous villages in the Dobhi, Barachatti and Mohanpur blocks of the Barachatti constituency area there has been a sudden increase in the activities of Christian Missionaries. In the aforesaid three blocks mainly Hindus and Muslims live and the number of Christians is insignificant. Despite this amongst the common people and concerned citizens the activities of the Christian Missionaries are raising various questions.
The greatest activity of Christian Missionaries can be seen in the Dobhi block. Countless free schools and charitable medical clinics are being run in the three blocks by Christian missionaries. Through this means they are proselytizing Christian teachings. In recent days in Barachatti and Mohanpur blocks the activities of the missionaries have suddenly increased very greatly.
The first target of these missionaries is the literate educated unemployed. Afflicted by unemployment the suffering and disillusioned youth are trapped in the missionaries enticements and forced to spread Christianity. Along with other facilities these unemployed youths are given three to five thousand rupees a month by the missionaries. After selecting the educated unemployed youths and training them they are sent to the far flung areas to spread Christianity amongst the low income groups. Countless youths of this area are engaged in spreading Christian teachings and are being guided by people connected with Christianity. Those associated with Christian Missionaries are taking shelter in the cover of spreading religious teachings through charitable service work.
There is information that one Christian woman who is a serving Government officer in Barachatti is playing an active role in this. It is said that in the house she rents in the Block Head Office [compound] every Sunday there is a meeting of all the preachers of the area and those newly associated with the Christian Religion. Local uneducated low class people are also invited to the meeting and they are offered all types of inducements to inspire them to become Christians.
Miles from the light of progress the majority of the inhabitants of this area are forced to live below the poverty line. The army of uneducated and the educated unemployed are being a life giver to the Christian Missionaries. If in the near future there is no reining in the mischievous and enticing actions of these Christian Missionaries then that day is not far off when this area will emerge as a centre for the activities of Christian Missionaries.

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