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Dr Ambedkar Anniversary Celebrated
Gaya, 14th April. The Anniversary [of the birth] of Dr Bhimrav Ambedkar the creator of the Indian Constitution was celebrated completely. The BJP celebrated the anniversary in the form of harmony ("samrasata") day. Celebrations were also held at a block level in the district and his portrait was decorated with garlands.
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Bodhgaya. The heads of various Buddhist Monasteries, Rajendra Ram, the former Speaker of the History Department of Patna University and Buddhist monks in great number and local people took part in a celebration organised by the Temple Management Committee on the occasion of Ambedkar Anniversary. Bodhipala the monk in charge [head of the Temple Management Committee] started the ceremonies by lighting the lamp and chanting sutras.
The statue of Baba Saheb Bhimrav Ambedkar in the Jay Prakash Garden was decorated with garlands by the Secretary Kalicaran Prasad Singh and the assembled guests also garlanded the statue and presented their salutations.
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