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Five Criminals Arrested in Bodhgaya Robbery Case
Bodhgaya, 14 April. The police have arrested the five robbers involved in the vile case of robbery in Bodhgaya. Shivkumar Pasvan, Vijay Pasvan ([of village] Mastipur), Devendra Kumar alias "Gudhiya" ([of village] Urail), Rajesh Manjhi (Shivarapura), and Sujeeta Kumar (Tikavigata) were arrested in possession of 12 bore countrymade pistols for taking part in the robbery on the night of the 10th of April last in the block compound and in Mahuabad.
The in-charge of the Police Station S.K. Suman said that the five arrested criminals were involved in the case and in other crimes. Due to which the revelation of this case was completed. [i.e. this case had been solved]. Along with this constant efforts were being made to search for and arrest the others involved. They would soon be arrested.
It is known that cases have previously been filed at Bodhgaya Police Station for involvement in robberies against Devendra Kumar, alias Gudhiya. Along with this there is talk of Vijay Paswan having been involved in several previous cases of robbery. Due to the success of the local police in solving of this case of robbery and the arrest of the criminals involved the ordinary local people have breathed a sigh of relief.
[note: this is a rather literal interpretation of the original:-PGF]

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