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"Robbery in Bodhgaya due to police inaction"
Gaya, 13th April. The leaders of [certain parties listed in the last paragraph below] have declared that the robberies [dacoities: armed robbery:-PGF] which took place in three houses in a single night in the compound of the Bodhgaya District Block office were the result of police inaction. The leaders called on the police administration to urgently arrest the robbers.
The leaders say that Bodhgaya is a place of international tourism. This is the place of the enlightenment of the Buddha who was a worshipper of peace and non-violence and all year Indian and International tourists are constantly visiting. The Block Compound is immediately adjacent to the Bodhgaya market, and it is here that incidents of theft and robbery are constantly happening. The leaders said that if a stop is not put to the criminal incidents in Bodhgaya of theft, robbery, snatching then Bodhgaya would not just be disgraced in Bihar, but in the whole world.
Leaders [who made this appeal included] Kisan Samata [Farmers equality] State General Secretary Kamalesh Kumar Varma, General Secretary of the RAJD Students [union?] Vijay Kumar Yadav, RAJD leader Ashok Kumar Yadav, The Former head of the District Youth RAJD and head of the Mocharim Panchayat [council] Rajesh Kumar, Congress Block Chairman Shivshankar Prasad, BJP leader Satish Kumar Sinha, BJP youth front Chairman Bhola Mishra, etc. They appealed for the immediate arrest of those involved in the robberies from the houses in the Block Compound of Bhupendra Kumar, Phuleswari Devi and Kalavati Devi.

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