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Mobile Inspector loots several vehicles, Case Registered against Inspector
[Note: The places mentioned in this report are all near Bodhgaya and nor far from the location of the proposed Maitreya statue:-PGF.]
Sherghati (Gaya), 5 April. Today with the cooperation of Sherghati, Dobhi and Barachatti police at eleven o'clock cleared a night long traffic jam which was a protest by lorry drivers against the forceful extortion of funds from truck drivers under the guise of checking vehicles on the G.T. road in the Dobhi police precinct. Meanwhile at the time of this report being written the truck drivers were registering a case agains the Mobile Police Inspector Naresh Yadav at Dobhi police station. The said office has absconded.
Dobhi police station sources said that during the last two days under the guise of vehicle checking in the Dobhi and Baracatti precinct areas Mobile Inspector Naresh Yadav had been extorting money from truck drivers. Last night also near the Dobhi bypass the said Mobile Inspector had snatched 20 thousand rupees from one driver, ten thousand from another and three thousand from another. On some drivers refusing to give money the original papers of their vehicles were taken from them by force.
The said Inspector had brought some other people with him to do this work. In protest in the extortion of funds by Mobile Inspector Naresh Yadav last night at about half past one the suffering drivers parked two or three trucks end to end on the G.T. road to block the road. They also informed the police station in the night of the seizing of their money and documents by the Inspector.
Police sources said that once the complaint came to light that a case was being registered against the Mobile Inspector. But the said inspector had not presented himself to the police. The police from Dobhi, Baracatti and and Sherghati reasoned with the drivers and by 11 o'clock the jam was cleared.
It is notable that the harrasment of truck drivers by Mobile Inspectors has also previously been brought to light.

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