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Minorities Commission Members Tour Bodhgaya
Gaya, 4th April. The National President and several Officials of the Minorities Commission today came to Bodhgaya over a number of issues. The members of the commission saw the Mahabodhi and several other temples. They discussed the problems with the members of the Mahabodhi Temple Management Committee.
The National Chairman of the Minorities Committee Justice M. Shameem, Vice Chairman Trilochan Singh, Buddhist member T.K. Lochan Tulku and Central Government joint secretary Gurvacan Singh came to Bodhgaya today. All the members went to the Mahabodhi Temple and looked at the beautification works going on there. Also present were the chairman of the Temple Management Committee the Sub District Magistrate Brajesh Mehotra, the secretary Kalicaran Singh Yadav, the monk in charge Bodhipala, Bhante Vimalasara of the International Buddhist Society and Mangala Subba etc. including other heads of monasteries. Afterwards all the members went to see the 80 foot tall image of the Buddha of the Daijokyu [Japanese Buddhist Temple].
According to sources the members of the committee discussed the disruptions in electricity supply and other problems with officials. The members gave an assurance that visitors to this site where Buddha performed austerities would have all manner of facilities made available to them. There is news that yesterday the members of the commission met with the Chief Minister Rabri Devi in Patna to discuss Bodhgaya.

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