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Indication of opening of sub office for registration of foreigners
Gaya, 8 August. A sub-office for the registration of foreigners is to be opened soon in the International tourist site of Bodh Gaya. This news was received yesterday in the meeting of the police-people co-operation committee in the assembly hall of the Mahabodhi society. The chairmanship of the meeting was performed by the Head of Gaya Police Captain Ravindran Shankaran. It is notable that neither to the police nor to the administration is accurate data available on the foreigners who come to Bodh Gaya everyday. There have been talks in this regard on a number of occasions but no action has been taken. Due to this there is no accurate information on whether foreign visitors to Bodh Gaya in addition to religious activities also take part in 'other activities'. Due to which the administration sometimes has to face considerable irritation. It was in this regard that in the meeting yesterday of the police-people co-operation committee that talk of opening a sub office for registration took place. In the meeting several motions were passed including one to open a camp of the committee in the forthcoming Buddha Mahottsava to be held in the month of November. This information was given in a press release by the organiser of the committee Ramsevak Prasad. In the committee meeting concluded yesterday several people expressed their opinions including: Dr. Nandji Kumar of Magadh University, Dr Rana Pratap Singh, Reservation sub-inspector Madhusudan Bari, Amarnath Dhokri, the head of the monks' union Venerable Prajnadeep, Dr Mangal Subba of Daijokyo , Venerable Vimalasara of the Mahabodhi society, and Venerable Priyapala of the Thai Temple, etc.

Dainik Jagran Internet Edition: Wednesday, August 09, 2000

[As far as I know the office was never opened, PGF]

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