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One thousand VIPs to attend Buddhist Festival

There were high expectations regarding attendance at the Buddhist festival. It seems it was anticipated that South East Asian countries would send vast numbers of pilgrims in big groups. Of course this had all been planned before the economic crash in Asia of 1998. It is also not clear how much publicity had actually been done to market the festival abroad.

One thousand VIPs to attend Buddhist Festival Gaya, Gaya Office, 21 September. About a thousand foreign VIPs from Buddhist countries will attend the 'International Buddhist Festival'. The Central Works and Tourism Minister Mr Madan Lal Khurana has toured abroad in order to invite people to the festival. In order to provide convenient accommodation for the special guests the Guest Houses of Magadh University will be painted and repaired and firm arrangements will be made for roads and electricity supply. For these purposes 46 lakhs of ruppees will be paid to the District Tourism Department, of which an advance of 15 lakhs has already been made. Magadh District Commissioner Shri Lalsota gave this information to Hindustan today. It is notable that from the coming 24th of October the 'Buddhist Festival' weekend will begin. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar's tourism ministries are the promoters of the festival. The Central Tourism Ministry will oversee the festival. It is known that on the 5th of November the President K. R. Narayanan will open the festival in Sarnath and the Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee will be the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony of the festival in Bodh Gaya on the 8th of November.



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