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Tourists will come to the 'Buddhist Festival' via broken down roads

There were great expectations of large numbers of foreign pilgrims and tourists attending the Buddhist Festival. In connection with this schemes were made to improve the roads between the various Buddhist pilgrimage places and funds were obtained from the Japanese government for the repair of the main roads.

Tourists will come to the 'Buddhist Festival' via broken down roads
Gaya Office, Gaya, 20th September. The concluding ceremonies of the 'Buddhist Festival' which will start in Sarnath on the 23rd of October will take place in Bodh Gaya from the 4th to the 8th of November.
Foreign tourists will take part in this festival having come on broken down (worst that dirt) roads from Rajgir which have been repaired in collaboration with the O.I.C.F. [Overseas Investment Collaboration Fund?].
Even though in this regard the Magadh District Officer has ordered the repair of the roads from Patna to Gaya and Rajgir to Gaya.
Due to being part of the Buddhist circuit the Buddhist sites of the state are to be joined together by good roads with the collaboration of the Japanese O.I.C.F. and the Patna-Gaya-Rajgir road has been widened and [surfaced] by a 'Hot-mix-plant'.
But today the state of the Gaya to Rajgir road is broken down. Even though it was only repaired a year ago. It does not seem as if the section from Hisua to Vazirganj has been repaired at all. This road is in a worse condition than a dirt track. There are pot holes every couple of feet. There is no trace from Hisua to Manjhi and Tungibazaar of a hot-mix-plant surfaced road. Here and there only the ruins of a road can be discerned. Groups of Buddhist pilgrims having come to India to tour Buddhist sites will come to the 'Buddhist Festival' via these broken down roads. When local people are fairly inconvenienced by traveling on these roads the experiences of foreign tourists can easily be imagined. It does not seem that during the last four months any concrete measures have been taken to repair these roads.

Hindustan, Patna Edition, 21 September 1998, p. 3.

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