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November 2002 Stories

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Layer of Red Plaster on Mahabodhi Temple attracts Tourists Bodhgaya, 29 November (Dainik Jagran). The Mahabodhi Temple situated on the sacred site of the Tathagata's austerities is being covered in a layer of red plaster as part of the preservation work being undertaken by the Archaeological Department and this is acting as an attraction for tourists. As part of this work the surface layer of the temple which is damaged is being removed and replaced under the direction of archaeologist with great precision. more

MCC blows up house of its ex-cadre in Gaya GAYA, NOV 28 (PTI) (Outlook India). Activists of the banned Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) have blown up the house of a former activist in a village of Bihar's Gaya district, a delayed report reaching the district headquarters said today. Suspecting former cadre Sukhdeo Yadav of being a police informer, MCC workers blew up his house with dynamite after asking the family members to come out on Tuesday night in Budhaul village, Gaya District Magistrate Brajesh Mehrotra told PTI. The house was reduced to rubble, though there were no reports of any casualty, Mehrotra said adding Sukhdeo Yadav was not present at the time of the attack. Budhaul village is around six km away from the historical Bodh Gaya town. Full story at Outlook India

No private upkeep of monuments: Jagmohan Parul Gupta in New Delhi Published : November 27, 2002 (Business Standard). Historical monuments will not be given out to the private sector now for either promotion or preservation.... The ministry is spending over Rs 40 crore this year itself in creating six tourism circuits in India which will involve development of heritage sites along these circuits. Also, about Rs 600 crore has come from JBIC for the development of a Buddhist circuit around Bodhgaya. .... Full story at Business Standard

Commissioner Inspects Preparations for Buddhist Festival and Kakacakra Puja Gaya, 26 November (Dainik Jagran). District Commissioner Hemcand Sirohi today inspected the proposed Buddhist Festival and Kalacakra Puja's administrative arrangements. In the inspectation meeting were the District Magistrate Brajesh Mehrotra, Police Superintendent Ravindran Shankaran and other high officials. more

Ven. Dharmviriyo openly Criticises Ven. Anand
Bodhgaya, 25 November (Dainik Jagran). Ven. Dharmariryo the former member of the state legislative assembly (MLA) while staying in Bodhgaya today at a Press Conference openly criticised Ven. Anand the General Secretary of the All India Monks Association. more

Controversy mars Buddhist conference
BHOPAL: 24 November (Central Chronicle). "When Buddhists of different countries were known by different names, why can't the term Dalit Buddhism be coined?" The comment by a speaker on the second day of the International Buddhist Conference generated so much heat that the delegates even suggested that the contents of lectures should be checked before allowing a participant to speak. Full story on Central Chronicle

Buddhist leader threatens to disrupt Kalchakra puja ABDUL QADIR (Times of India) [THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2002 01:21:55 AM ] GAYA: Bhadant Anand, general secretary of the All-India Monks Federation and the Bodh Gaya Mahabodhi Vihar All-India Action Committee, has threatened to disrupt the proposed Kalchakra puja, tentatively scheduled for the second week of January next year, if the demands of the neo-Buddhists are not met. full story

Warning of Campaign if Buddhists are Ignored Gaya 18 November (Dainik Jagran). The All India Buddhagaya Temple Liberation Movement's councils national general secretary has once again accused the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee of ignoring Buddhists. The secretary has written to the district magistrate asking to know his view on the five points at question along with warning that if by the 10th of December full information was not supplied then a national campaign would be launched.

RAJD Allege Foreign Guest Houses are Businesses Gaya 18 November (Dainik Jagran). The Leader of the RAJD (Lalu Prasad's party) has demanded an immediate decision and action from the district registration officer on action against the organisers of foreign guest houses.
In this connection Bodhgaya Town Council Ward Appointee and assistant Student general Secretary of the RAJD Vijay Yadav said that under the shelter of the temple the organisers of the foreign guest houses were running businesses.

Kathina ceremony Performed for World Peace and Fellowship Bodhgaya 17 November (Dainik Jagran). The auspicious inauguration of the kathina ceremony to give robes to monks was begun by the Mahabodhi Society last night in Bodhgaya the sacred site of the Buddha's enlightenment and was dedicated to World Peace and Harmony.

Maitreya Project: BJP Will Maintain Pressure on State: Nand Kishor Gaya, 15 November (Dainik Jagran). Nand Kishor Yadav, the State Chairman of the BJP has said that the BJP will maintain pressure on the state government to bring the Maitreya Project to Bodhgaya. Due to the non-cooperation of the state government the project has shifted to UP, Mr Yadav said today while addressing journalists. full story

Bodhgaya Block Foreign Guest House Tax Arrears Bodhgaya, 15 November (Dainik Jagran). There are a number of guest houses and restaurants run by foreign monasteries in the international tourist site of Bodhgaya. According to the Bihar and Orrisa Municipal act of 1922 the temple itself is not liable to tax but residential and restaurant areas are liable. full story

Direct flights begin from Sri Lanka to Bodhgaya GAYA, India, Tuesday (AFP) 14 November. ( A Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A-320 with 75 tourists on board arrived here Tuesday inaugurating international flights to one of Buddhism's holiest sites. Gaya airport is about 30 kilometers (18 miles)rom Bodhgaya, where the Buddha achieved enlightenment in the sixth century BC. full story at

Gaya now an international airport
Bodh Gaya (Bihar), Nov 13 ( Lankan Airlines(SLA) commenced its maiden flight to Bodh Gaya on Tuesday adding a second destination in one year to its growing portfolio of flights to India. With the inaugural flight UL 195, an Airbus A-320 aircraft will leave Colombo every Tuesday at 1205 hrs to arrive in Gaya at 1505 hrs. link to full story

Rejoicing at Start of International Flights
Gaya, 12 November (Dainik Jagran).People have expressed joy at the commencement of international flights from Gaya airport. The city MLA and BJP workers praised the central government while expressing their joy. more

Police Bothered by Controversial Buddhist Monk Vimalasara Gaya, 9 November (Dainik Jagran). The Police department faces a difficult situation over the case of the controversial Buddhist monk Vimalasara who is accused of corruption. The validity of the Sri Lankan national's visa has now expired, and papers have been submitted in court against him. In such circumstances were he to be deported from the country it would effect the case pending against him. full story

Bus service between Nepal and Bihar to start soon Anand Mohan Sahay in Patna, November 9 ( Transport Minister Awadh Bihari Choudhary on Saturday said the international bus service between Bihar and Nepal will soon be ready. link to full story

Gaya-Bangkok Flight Postponed for Unexplained Reasons Gaya: November 6, 2002 (PatnaDaily). True to much of the developing programs in Bihar, the much-touted flight from Gaya to Bangkok was suddenly put off a day before the scheduled flight for reasons best known to the Indian Airlines officials and the Civil Aviation Ministry. link to full story

7 pilgrims killed, 25 hurt in Bihar road mishap
PTI RAJGIR (BIHAR): ( Seven Buddhist pilgrims were killed and 25 others injured, five of them seriously, when a tourist bus plunged into a river near Banganga in Bihar's Nalanda district early on Tuesday, police said. Sources said the accident took place when the driver lost control over the vehicle near Banganga under Rajgir police station while going to Bodh Gaya from Rajgir, a key Buddhist pilgrim centre, killing seven pilgrims on the spot. Of the injured, five were shifted to Patna Medical College hospital in critical condition, they said, adding others were being treated at nearby hospital. The victims were members of Buddhist Society of India, founded by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. link to full story

IA to start Gaya-Bangkok flight
Press Trust of India Kolkata, November 1(Hindustan Times). The Indian Airlines will provide direct connection between Gaya and Bangkok from November 6. The flight would operate on the Kolkata-Gaya-Bangkok-Kolkata sector on Wednesdays and on Kolkata-Bangkok-Gaya-Kolkata sector on Saturdays, a release issued by Indian Airlines said. link to full story

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