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April Stories

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Scale of Poll Violence Baffles Gaya Watchers
Gaya, April 30. The Times of India reports that the loss of seven lives in polling during the local government elections has a number of possible causes. Link to full Story

Polling Concluded amongst scattered incidents in Bodhgaya
Bodhgaya, 28 April. The Dainik Jagran reports that apart from scattered ordinary incidents polling was peaceful in the 14 wards of the Bodhgaya Town Panchayat. [the incidents include throwing the voting boxes down wells, tearing up the voting slips, attempts to capture booths, etc.] full story

Vimalasara Thero of the Mahabodhi Society arrested over Lakhs of rupees racket
Gaya, 26 April. The Dainik Jagran reports that the former in-charge of the Mahabodhi Society of India and assistant general secretary M. Vimalasara Thero was today arrested by police over an allegation of a lakhs of rupees racket. [note: this story does not seem to have appeared in any English Language Indian Paper:-PGF] full story

Outbreak of Smallpox in Barachatti
Gaya, 24 April. The Dainik Jagran reports that there is news that hundreds of people are struck by fear due the dreadful outbreak of Smallpox in the village of Amukhapa in the Barachatti block of the district. [Note: Barachatti is just to the south of Bodhgaya. It is also possible that the Hindi word 'cecak' which means smallpox, is being used to refer to a condition like smallpox here, rather than smallpox itself:-PGF] Full story.

Responsibility for Conserving Ancient Monuments Lies in Women's hands
Bodhgaya (Gaya), 20th April. The Dainik Jagran reports that there are various ancient and world famous monuments in Ward no. 13 of the Bodhgaya Scheduled Territory which lies in the lap of the settlement of Bodhgaya which was at the time of Nadi Kashyapa and Urubila Kashyapa the scene of Buddha's austerities. full story

Dispute Flares up over the Ramnavami Procession at Vishnupad Temple
Gaya, 19 April. The Dainik Jagran reports that a dispute has arisen over the procession for Ramnavami at the sacred Vishnupad Temple. Whilst the committee is fully engaged in preparations for the procession the secretary has sent a letter opposing it to the police station. full story

Christian Missionaries spreading their nets in Barachatti area
Barachatti, (Gaya), 17 April. The Dainik Jagran reports that in numerous villages in the Dobhi, Barachatti and Mohanpur blocks of the Barachatti constituency area there has been a sudden increase in the activities of Christian Missionaries. more...

No Takers for Surrender Package for Naxalites
Gaya, April 17. The Times of India reports that a scheme to reward Naxalites for surrendering has had no success in Magadh. Times of India Article

Dr Ambedkar Anniversary Celebrated
Gaya, 14th April. The Dainik Jagran reports that the Anniversary [of the birth] of Dr Bhimrav Ambedkar the creator of the Indian Constitution was celebrated more....

Five Criminals Arrested in Bodhgaya Robbery Case
Bodhgaya, 14 April. The Dainik Jagran reports that he police have arrested the five robbers involved in the vile case of robbery in Bodhgaya. more...

"Robbery in Bodhgaya due to police inaction"
Gaya, 13th April. The Dainik Jagran reports that Party leaders have declared that the robberies which took place in three houses in a single night... more...

NGO Group works to Clear up Bodhgaya
Bodhgaya, 9 April. The Times of India reports that an NGO group called the Samvedansheel Nagrik Manch ("Sensative Citizens Platform") led by Sister Mary and Kabir Saxena has held a two day drive to clean up Bodhgaya ... The Dainik Jagran Story. Times of India Story

Mobile Inspector loots several vehicles, Case Registered against Inspector
Sherghati (Gaya), 5 April. Today the Sherghati, Dobhi and Barachatti police at eleven o'clock cleared a night long traffic jam ... full story...

Minorities Commission Members Tour Bodhgaya
Gaya, 4th April. The National President and several Officials of the Minorities Commission today came to Bodhgaya ...more...

Jagannath Temple in Bodhgaya losing its historical Importance Bodhgaya, 2 April. Opposite the ancient historic monument of the Mahabodhi temple the historical importance of the Jagannath Temple is being lost. more...

Atmosphere not right for Private Capital Investment in Bihar: Fernandes
Gaya, 2 April. The Defence Minister George Fernandes has said that the atmosphere is not right for development in Bihar more...

Two Different Invitations issued in one day for Foundation Stone Ceremony at Airport
Gaya, 1 April. The Indian Airports Authority has issued two different invitations in the space of 24 hours... more...

Archaeology Department finds several historic locations at the Sujata mound
Bodhgaya, 1st April. Since the 7th of January six archaeologists from the Patna department of the Archaeological Survey of India have been slowly excavating more...

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