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Bodhgayanews updates

December 15, 2022, Melbourne. Thank you for visiting Bodhgayanews. I've not been active updating this website now for some time due to various circumstances, however, I hope to keep it running a little longer, until at least March 2023, and thank all of you who have every visited this site for your visits.

November 3, 2020, Canberra. Thank you for visiting Bodhgayanews. This website contains:

  • Bodhgaya news stories, an archive of the original stories I wrote for it which were mainly translations of stories about Bodhgaya appearing in local Hindi newspapers from 1998-2013. See text links on right.
  • The Hindi Express website which is I created in 2015-2020 for students studying Hindi at the Australian National University (ANU) and through Open Universities Australia (OUA).
  • A new 2020 PDF version of my Ravidas vocabulary and a soft copy of the book based on my 1991 thesis, see the Hindi studies link above top right

Technical Notes

August 22, 2020. There is a problem developing though which is that traffic to the website looks likely to be causing it to exceed its download allowance. I can't figure out now how to stop this, other than I have tried trimming back non essential large files that people, or web bots, may be downloading in ever greater numbers. It's possible that this may mean trouble for this website coming up, i.e. it won't work any longer .

November 3, 2020. I have gone back to using Dreamweaver 4 to manage the site which may mean some functionality that was in the site while I has subscribed to Dreamweaver CC may no longer function.

May 29, 2018, Canberra. I have continued to develop the हिन्दी एक्स्प्रेस (Hindi Express) pages here on this website over the last two years but otherwise have not been able to develop this site further. I hope to make some more updates shortly.

March 26, 2016, Canberra. There have had to be a number of changes in this website over this last year, in particular three things I used to do are no longer running for one reason or another. Due to some technical reason I cannot resolve the databases which used to run the Pali Canon search engine no longer work properly, so I have had to take them off line. This was similar to the way in which something went wrong with my hosting of my artwork on this website, again not something I was able to fix. Nor yet am I keeping track of Bodhgaya news in any effective manner, so for that it is probably better to look elsewhere on the web now. Currently the main things which I am hosting on this website are.

  • The हिन्दी एक्स्प्रेस (Hindi Express) pages which are work under development towards online support for first year Hindi studies.
  • The stories I did translate about Bodhgaya from 1998-2013, see the links to the right.
  • Various articles related to my academic activies, see the links to publications and conferences on the right.
  • Miscellaneous items such as an unpublished science fiction novel called The First Buddhas and a copy of my father F. G. Friedlander's unpublished partial autobiography

I hope you find whatever you find here of use and will continue to run the website in some way for as long as I can.

January 27, 2015. Melbourne. This year the site will keep on running. इसमें एक नई बात है कि मैं अब साइट पर हिन्दी में भी लिख लूँ, जो अच्छी बात है। Most visitors are coming to consult the Pali Canon: Online Database which will keep running. The Hindi teaching resources are now enhanced with a new set of pages currently being tested called हिन्दी एक्स्प्रेस. These materials are intended to support the first semester of online learning for students studying with ANU from Canberra. The apni dukan activity is currently offline for upgrading.

For stories about Bodhgaya there are are now interesting news sites such as Rajasthan Patrika which published a number of Bodhgaya stories in 2014, such as http://www.patrika.com/news/bodh-gayas-mahabodhi-temple-just-got-an-income-tax-notice/1036876

December 23, 2013. Melbourne. During 2014 this website will continue to run in this coming year and feature mainly three types of resources.

The original archives of English translations of Hindi news stories related to Bodhgaya from 2002 to 2013, accessible though the "archives" links on the right, for more see http://www.bodhgayanews.net/index2013.html

The Hindi studies resources, accessible through the Hindi Studies Icon at the top right, which include a number of useful dictionary resources and links to other sites. Including a shopping activity from May 2013 http://www.bodhgayanews.net/Apnidukan.htm (no longer functioning)

The Buddhist Studies resources, accessible through the Buddhist Studies icon at the top left. There you will find the links to a database of the complete Buddhist Canon in Pali language and links to other useful sites, see Pali Canon: Online Database (no longer functioning)

Finally, there are also still links to pages related to my publications and artworks.

I am not currently indending to continue translating Bodhgaya news and posting those items here, as in part in the decade since I began this site the accessiblity of stories about Bodhgaya has improved, and although Google translate still can't handle long complex sentences it does now allow for non-Hindi speakers to get at least an idea of the kind of stories being covered in the Hindi press. In order to do this you can use the Google Hindi paper search link on the right hand side navigation of this page and then see what Google makes of the translation.







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