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Melbourne, 7 July, Following the naming of Bodhgaya as a world heritage site there has been widespread coverage of this news. Most like the BBC are simply including it in a list of sites notified by UNESCO. The longest report in an English language news source was in from their correspondent Anand Sahay in Patna who reported the comments of local DM.

"The District Magistrate of Gaya, Brajesh Mehrotra, who is also the chairman of the management committee of the temple, said that the declaration was made in a UNESCO meeting at Paris.

The declaration will help the temple secure UNESCO funds for conservation, protection and maintenance.

"The temple would secure funds from member countries too under various heads, including preparatory work, emergency assistance and manpower training," sources in the district magistrate's office said.

As the news spread in Bodh Gaya about the declaration, Buddhist monks started celebrating by beating drums and singing songs. "

Its interesting how the spin on the story here is that the new status will allow new sources of funds to be accessed. However, there is no mention of the proposed buffer zone around the temple mentioned in the Hindi press.राम

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