Topic 75: मैं नहीं जा पाया  I could not go (modal verb पाना ‘manage’)

Context: Mark talks with Tara about going to India.

Mark talks with Tara


तारा - मार्क, मैं जुलाई में भारत जा रही हूँ, क्या तुम भी आ सकोगे?

मार्क - मैं आ सकता हूँ, लेकिन शायद मैं नहीं आ पाऊँगा।

तारा - क्यों, क्या बात है?

मार्क - मेरे लिए दिक़्क़त यह है कि मुझे उस समय काम से फ़ुरसत नहीं मिल पाएगी।

तारा - अफ़सोस की बात है। मैं चाहती थी कि हम दोनों साथ-साथ भारत में घूमने जा सकेंगे।

मार्क - देखो, मैं कोशिश करूँगा, शायद मैं कुछ दिनों के लिए जा पाऊँ।


Tara - Mark, I am going to India in July, can you also come?

Mark - I can come, but perhaps I won't be able to come.

Tara - Why, what is the issue?

Mark - For me the difficulty is that perhaps I won't be able to get leave from work at that time.

Tara - That is a pity. I wanted us both to go touring in India together.

Mark - Look, I will try. Perhaps I can manage to come for some days.

Notes: पाना as a modal verb

The sense of पाना as a modal verb is similar to sense of सकना as a modal verb but gives a sense of mental rather than physical ability. It often gives the sense of to manage to do, or to bring oneself to do an action. The literal meaning of पाना is find which suggests a relationship to the English expression ‘I find it difficult’, but modal verbs largely lose their original sense in Hindi. It is most often found in the negative sense of could not manage to do something. Note it does not take ने when used as a auxiliary verb.

The difference between सकना and पाना sometimes shows a shade of meaning.

Or consider these examples.

Note the way that पाना often relates to mental states.


पाना vt. to find; as modal verb after verb stem ~ पाना, to manage to do ~

कोशिश nf. attempt, try; (~ की) कोशिश करना  to try to (~)

कठिन adj. difficult, hard to do

बर्फ़ nf. ice, snow

वजह nf. reason; ~ की वजह से, due to ~

सफल adj. successful

कलाकार nm. artist

मेहनत nf. hard work, labour

सफलता nf. success

हासिल nm. outcome; हासिल करना vt. to obtain

क़रीब approximately (normally only used with numbers); adj. near, close