Proposed Future Development Projects


Buddha Gaya Temple Management Committee has prepared the Project Reports for protection, beautification and maintenance of ancient sites associated with the Buddha at Buddha Gaya and its heritage. Details of the project reports are given below-

1. Restoration & conservation of the Mahabodhi Mahavihar Main Stupa (Buddha Gaya Temple)

The total approximate cost is U.S.$ 2.5 Lakhs

( Rs.1,0000000.00/-)

Brief description :- The Mahabodhi Mahavihar Stupa is about 2500 years old and this had been constructed during the period of King Ashoka the Great and latter on in 4th century A.D. some modification have been made by the Emperors. At present the condition of the Mahabodhi Stupa (Temple) is precarious. It requires repairing. For the repairs of this Stupa Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi sent a team of experts and prepared a Project Report with the total approximate cost of U.S.$ 2.5 Lakhs (Rs.1,0000000.00/)

2. Re-Development Master Plan of The Mahabodhi Mahavihar Buddhagaya Temple Complex and to construct 500 meditation cells in the Meditation Park, south- east of the Mahabodhi Temple.

We have created a vast and extensive Meditation Park with natural beauty in the south -east of the Mahabodhi Temple which would be further designed by international architects under the supervision of BTMC to develop Muchalinda Lake (Lotus Pond) Shanti Vana, Rajayatana, Ratna Ghar, Animesha Lochana Stupa, pathways, electricity, gardening, sitting platforms,  and sanitary works and Umbrella shades, etc.

The total approximate cost is U.S.$ 7 Lakhs
( Rs.2,8000000.00/-)

3. Construction of rest shed for 5000 pilgrims on the periphery of Kalachakra Maidan

The total approximate cost is U.S.$ 25 Lakhs (Rs.10 Crores).

Brief description :- Buddha Gaya offers accommodation which are managed by Hotels, Guest Houses and Rest Houses, and in different countries Monasteries, but sufficient accommodation  is not available for common pilgrims. Therefore we are considering to construct a very spacious rest shed (Dharmashala) to provide shelter for nearly 5000 pilgrims.

4. Up-gradation of Educational and Health Facilities.

The approximate cost is U.S.$ 15 Lakhs. (Rs.6,0000000.00/-)

Brief description :- Up-gradation of Educational institution and Health facilities for rural section of the society. Buddhagaya and its surroundings have a large population from below poverty line and for therefore the need for creation of high- tech Hospitals and Educational institution with all the modern educational facilities.

5. Development of Buddhist Cultural Complex,         

i ).Center for Buddhist Studies and research.

ii ). Seminar and Conference Halls. iii ). Mini Auditorium.

The total approximate cost is U.S.$ 10 Lakhs (Rs.4,0000000.00/-)

6. Flood Lighting and providing exclusive Transformer for Mahabodhi Temple, management committee office, landscape and street lighting.

The total approximate cost is U.S.$ 2.5 Lakhs

( Rs.1,0000000.00/-)

7. Information Center for tourists with all the modern facilities.

The total approximate cost is U.S.$ 40 Thousands
( Rs.16,00000.00/-)

8. Rest Rooms for visiting Monks :- Project cost approximately is U.S.$ 25 Thousands ( Rs. 10,00000/-)

9. Construction of Stupa for Preserving Relics of the Buddha.

Approximate cost of the Project is U.S.$ 2 Lakhs
( Rs. 80,00000.00/-)

Buddha Gaya Temple Management Committee is purely depending upon the donations. For taking up these projects involve enormous financial resources are required We seek your co-operation.


Please contact at the following address for details and Project Reports Send donations to

Chairman, Buddha Gaya Temple Management Committee, Buddha Gaya, Dist. Gaya -824231 ( India ).

Demand Drafts can be directly sent to the :-

A/C No. 01100050008, State Bank of India, branch Buddha Gaya, Dist. Gaya  ( operated by Chairman / District Magistrate, Gaya.)

You can also contact to Buddhagaya Temple Management Committee office on following numbers...

Phone- 0091-631-400735 

Fax- 0091-631-400777



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