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January 17, 2010. Peter Friedlander. Just a note to readers of this website to say that I am sorry to say I am not getting much time to update the site these days. However, I intend to keep the site running and add materials to it as and when it is possible. Thanks for visiting.

Hindi Summer School - resources

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 , You will find here a number of resources, and links to resources, which you may find useful to you if you are attending the Hindi language summer school in Melbourne in 2012.

Hindi Summer School 2012
The 2012 Hindi Summer School Participants and Peter Friedlander and Veena Chopra, February 9 2012

Subject Guide Brief details of the subject
Assignment 1 The first assignment to print out (word.doc)
Practical Hindi 1: textbook the textbook we will use on the summer school, you will get a print copy when you arrive at the summer school as well. But for now it would be good to have a look at this and get an impression of the materials we will be studying. Audio files to accompany the textbook will be available on a CD at the summer school.
Summer school Outline A rough guide to what we will be doing over the summer school. Depending on circumstances its also possible that we will alter this program a bit to get the most out of the summer school.
Introduction to Hindi myself talking about Hindi and a powerpoint of some images to go with it. A general introduction to the topic of 'what is Hindi'?
Introduction to Hindi Script a pdf file of an introduction to Hindi script and an audio file to accompany it. A useful way to familiarise yourself with one of the aspects of what we will be learning in the summer school.
Hindi Flash Cards A pdf file of a set of flashcards to print out, they print very well onto Avery Business cards, but also print onto any kind of paper or card, take care as you make them up to write the correct transliteration on the back of each card, its indicated at the sides of the cards.
Calligraphy Some pages from an old book, unfortunately I have lost its name and title, about how to draw really lovely calligraphic forms of Hindi. Its not something we will do much of in the summer school but it is interesting to see how Hindi was drawn traditionally.
External Links  
Hindi Script Tutor A fantastically useful resource commissioned by SOAS to go with Teach Yourself Hindi. It combines animated versions of the characters and audio in a wonderful way.
Pronunciation Guide Another great resource, from ANU, showing how to move your tongue and the mechanism of how your mouth works when pronouncing Hindi

La Trobe's Franklin St Campus
See: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/city/location for details of the location and how to get there
and the room we will be in is FS 101
We start at 10am on Monday 30th January, and the program runs for ten days, from 10-5 each weekday up to Feb 10th, more details of the schedule are in the outline below.

Hindi Summer School Schedule and Power Points (Right click on links to save)

Day Morning Afternoon
1 Monday Lesson 1a audio.mp3 Lesson 1b exercises_audio.mp3
2 Tuesday Lesson 2a audio.mp3 Lesson 2b exercises_audio.mp3
3 Wednesday Lesson 3a audio.mp3 Lesson 3b exercises_audio.mp3
4 Thursday Lesson 4a audio.mp3 Lesson 4a continued exercises_audio.mp3
5 Friday Lesson 4b Revision & Assessment
6 Monday Lesson 5a audio.mp3 Lesson 5b exercises_audio.mp3
7 Tuesday Lesson 6a audio.mp3 Lesson 6a continued
8 Wednesday Lesson 6b Lesson 6b continued exercises_audio.mp3
9 Thursday Lesson 7a audio.mp3 Lesson 7a continued exercises_audio.mp3
10 Friday Lesson 7b Revision & Assessment

Additional Materials

Talks   Summary of contents of additional lectures on India
(powerpoints) 1 Indian Geography
  2 Indian History
  3 Indian Politics
  4 Indian Economy
  5 Indian Families/Gender
  6 Indian Popular Culture
    ten verbs




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