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Letter from Ven. Bhadant PrajnaSheel Thero
Email sent on Tuesday 28 March 2006

Dear Devottees of the Dhamma
BuddhaGaya is very sacred place of the Buddhist of the World, in this 2550th Buddha Jayanti year all Buddhist countries also started the Buddha's Birth Day but BuddhaGaya Mahabodhi Temple Management Committee people received millions of Rupees from a Japan group for given permission to Celebrate Buddha's Birth Daya according Japan Traditioin coming on April 9th, a Japan group of 150 artist are coming with famous musicine to play Orchestra near close to the very sacred Dimond Throne(Vajrasana)where Siddhartha Gotama attained the Supreme Enlightenment and became the Buddha. A Delhi based company started work in the campous of World Heritage site, Mahabodhi Vihar(Temple).That place not for dancing, playing or intertainment.
2 very big size 150 K.V.Generator also brought from Delhi for that event, all artiest will make reharsal on 7,8th and final programme is on 9th April 06.Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee people are playing game with local, no any publicity in news paper and no any information to Government officials for any arrangement, all is going under table. I got many messages from Japan and India about this programme. I like to know here on this issue what is your opinion?
I send Fax messages to all higher othorities of India, to stop in side the Holy place, we Buddhist people don't like any drama or Cultural or Orchestra very closed our very must sacred place, District Magistrate of Gaya who is Ex Officio- Chairman of that Committee How he given persmission to the Japanese group to play musical programme in very grand scale?
I also request to you to help us for oppose of BodhGaya Temple Management Committee.You may send a copy to us and ask to, and can oppose letter to District Magistrate, Gaya and Government of Bihar to Mr.Nitishkumar.
Yours in the Dhamma

Ven. Bhadant PrajnaSheel Thero
National President
Great Unity of All Indian Buddhists
(Akhil Bhartiya Boudha MahaSangha, Mumbai)
Address:- Post Box54 BuddhaGaya, Distt.Gaya -824 231 India

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