HindiExpress3 Vocabulary

~ ~ (के) बीच में ppn. in the middle of ~ 02

~ (को) तंग करना vt. to bother ~, (literally to make ~ constricted) 02

~ का आदमी phr. a ~ man 05

~ के किनारे ppn. on the shore of ~ 02

~ के जैसा ppn. like ~, in the manner of ~ 07

~ को inf. देना phr. to allow ~ to do inf. 06

~ को खाने देना phr. let ~ eat 06

~ को पता होना phr. for ~ to know 05

~ को प्यास लगना phr. for ~ to feel thirsty 06

~ को भूख लगना phr. for ~ to feel hungry 06

~ बजनेवाला phr. ‘about to be ~’ (in relation to telling the time) 04

~ मिलना होना phr. is available (if no person को in this construction) 06

~ में भाग लेना phr. to take part in ~ 08

X स्थित Y adj. (place) located in (place) ‘दिल्ली स्थित घर’ house situated in Delhi 09

अँगूठा nm. thumb 08

अंग nm. limb, part of body 08

अंतर nm. difference 03

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय पार्सल डाक सेवा nf. international parcel post service 07

अंधेरा adj. darkness 10

अकड़ना vi. to be arrogant, haughty 07

अगर cj. if 02

अगरबत्ती nf. incense stick 09

अचानक adv. suddenly, as in ‘unexpectedly’ 08

अच्छा-सा phr. ‘fairly goodish food’, reasonable food 06

अजीब adj. strange 10

अधिकारी nm. official, officer 01

अनदेखा adj. unseen, अनदेखा करना to ignore 08

अनुमान nm. estimation, guess, अनुमान करना vt. to guess 04

अनुवाद करना vt. to translate 01

अपने-आप pr. for/by them/his/her/etc. self 03

अपराध nm. offence (अपराधी nm. offender, crimminal) 07

अरमान nm. desire, longing aspiration 05

अर्ज़ी nf. application 09

असंख्या adv. uncountable (cf. अगिनित) 05

असल में phr. in reality 03

अस्पताल nm. old Hindi spelling of hospital 08

आँख nf. eye 08

आँगन nm. courtyard 01

आंदोलन nm. movement, as in a political movement 08

आख़िर में phr. in the end (cf. अंत में) 09

आदि adv. etc. (cf. Urdu वग़ैरह) 03

आधा num. half 05

आधी रात phr. in the middle on the night 06

आधुनिक adj. modern 10

आपस pr. ‘amongst themselves’ as in आपस में 03

आबादी nf. population (cf. जनसंख्या) 06

आम adj. ordinary (or nm. mango) 07

आम तौर पर phr. in general 08

आमदनी nf. income 04

आराधना nf. worship, ~ की आराधना करना vt. to worship ~ 02

आवाज़ nf. sound, voice 04

आसन nm. sitting posture, seat 05

आसमान nm. sky (cf. आकाश) 05

आसानी nf. easy; आसानी से adv. easily; आसान adj. easy 03

इंतज़ार nm. ~ का इंतज़ार करना to wait for ~ 10

इजाज़त nf. permission 06

इतना.. उतना.. relative pr. so many… that many 05

इधर उधर adv. hither and thither, around and about 03

इलाक़ा nm. area, region 05

इलाज nm. medical treatment 08

इलायची nf. cardomon 02

इस्तेमाल nm. ~ का इस्तेमाल करना to use ~ 10

ईमानदार adj. honest 09

ईर्ष्या nf. jealousy 03

उँगली nf. finger 08

उड़ान nf. flight, as in an airplane flight 04

उत्तर nm. answer; also उत्तर nm. North and adj. Northern 04

उदाहरण nm. example 01

उद्देश्य nm. aim, as in the ~ of our organisation 07

उद्योग nm. industry 10

उपचार nm. medical treatment 08

उपयुक्त adj. appropriate 01

उपहार nm. gift, present 04

ऋण nf. loan 04

एक-आध num. one-half, i.e. one or two 01

एकत्र करना vt. to collect 09

एकलौता adj. ‘only’; as in; एकलौता बेटा only son, एक लौती बेटी only daughter 02

एसी abbr. AC as in ‘air conditioned’ 04

ऐसा adj./adv. like, similar; adv. in this way 07

ओर nf. direction, as in मेरी ओर in my direction (cf. तरफ़) 06

और क्या phr. ‘and what’ can give a sense of ‘of course’ or ‘why not’ 04

कंधा nm. shoulder 08

कटना vi. to be cut 04

कटना vi. to be cut, काटना vt. to cut, कटवाना to cause to be cut through a third party 09

कटौती nf. cut(s) 10

कमर nf. waist 08

कमी nf. decrease, lacking 10

करोबार nm. business 10

क़लम nf./nm. pen (normally now simply पेन) 05

कलाई nf. wrist 08

कसना vt. to tie, to restrain, to grab hold of 07

कहनेवाला nm. ‘about to say’ 04

कहानी nf. story 02

काँपना vi. to tremble, shake 01

काजू nm. cashewnut 02

काटना vt. to cut something 06

कान nm. ear 08

कारख़ाना nm. factory 09

कारीगार nm. craftsmen, worker 09

क़ालीन nm. carpet 10

किराया nm. rent, किराये की कार hired car 05

किशमिश nf. dry fruits, raisins etc. 02

किसान nm. farmer 04

किसी हक तक phr. to some extent 01

कुआँ nm. water well 03

कुआँ nm. well, as in water well 05

कुटीर उद्योग nm. cottage-industry 10

कुहनी nf. elbow 08

के अनुसार ppn. according to 01

के दौरान ppn. during 10

केन्द्र nm. centre 10

क्रिया nm. verb, action 01

खड़ा होना vi. to stand 07

ख़याल nm. idea, notion, (also spelled ख़्याल) 06

ख़राबी nf. fault, badness 05

खरार्टा nm. snore, खरार्टे भरना vi. to snore 10

खरोंच nf. scratch 08

खर्च nm. expense; खर्च करना vt. to make an expense, to spend, खर्च लगना for something to be an expense 03

खाँसना vt. to cough 06

खाद nm. fertilizer 04

ख़ानदान nm. family (=परिवार) 02

खाना vt. to eat, खिलाना/खिलवाना vt. to feed 09

ख़ाली adj. empty 01

ख़ास adj. important, special (Urdu) 02

खिलाना vt. feed (causative of खाना) 02

खिलौना nm. toy 09

खींचना vt. to pull, फ़ोटो खींचना vt. to take a photo 01

खीर nf. rice pudding 02

ख़ुद pr. self, (reflexive pronoun) 03

ख़ुद ही phr. one’s self, their self, his self, her self etc, 03

ख़ुराफ़ात nf. rubbish, gibberish 08

खेती-बाड़ी nf. agriculture 04

खोजना vt. to find, to search for खोज पाना to discover, to find. 06

खोना vt. to lose, to mislay 08

गड़बड़ adj./nf. trouble, confusion, muddle (also as गड़बड़ी) 01

ग़रीबी nf. poverty 05

गर्दन nf. neck 08

गर्दन nf. neck 08

ग़लती nf. mistake 03

गाड़ी खड़ी करना phr. to park a car 06

ग़ायब adj. disappear 02

गिरना vi. to fall 03

गुज़रना vi. to pass by; गुज़र जाना to pass away 08

गुलाब nm. rose 09

गोदाम nm. wharehouse 06

ग्राम पंचायत nm. village council 01

घना adj. dense, thick, luxuriant in ‘घने बाल’ 04

घर बैठकर phr. ‘sitting at home’ 09

घाट nm. ghat, shore, bank, slope 09

घाटी nf. valley 10

घाव nm. injury, wound, घाव भरना for a wound to heal 08

घुटना nm. knee 08

घुसना vi. to enter, to go in 07

घूमना vi. to wander, घुमाना vt. to make go round, घुमवाना vt. to cause to go round through a third party 09

घूमना-फिरना vi. to wander around, to tour 10

चंदन nm. sandal wood 09

चचेरा adj. paternal uncle's offspring; चचेरा भाई nm. cousin ‘father’s brother’s son’; चचेरी बहन nf. cousin, father's sister's daughter 02

चमक nf. glitter, shine, sparkle 07

चलन nm. fashion (cf. प्रचलन nm. practice) 07

चलना vi. to move, चलाना vt. to make move चलवाना to cause to be moved through a third party 09

चलाना vt. make something move, गाड़ी चलाना vt. to drive 01

चाकू nm. knife (Turkish) (cf. छुरी) 04

चिकित्सालय nm. hospital 08

चिट्ठी-पत्री nf. correspondence 07

चिड़िया nf. bird 07

चुनाव nm. election 02

चुप adj. not speaking, चुप रहना to remain silent 01

चुपके-चुपके phr. silently, on the quiet 03

चेहरा nm. face (also सूरत nf. face, form) 08

चोट nf. injury, ~ को चोट लगना for ~ to be injured 08

चोरी nf. theft 05

छठ पूजा nf. a particular puja 02

छाँव nf. shade, (also found as छाया) 05

छाती nf. chest 08

छात्रवृत्ति nf. scholarship 02

छूटना vi. to leave, to depart, of trains etc. 06

छोड़ना vt. to abandon, give up 05

जन nm. person 01

जन्म nm. birth, ~ का जन्म होना for ~ to be born 08

जब तक... तब तक... relative pr. as long as, until… for so long, until… 05

जब भी… तभी... relative pr. whenever then, right then, ‘thenever’… 05

जब से... तब से... relative pr. since… since then… 05

ज़मीन nm. land 04

जलना vi. to burn, जलाना vt. to set on fire, जलवाना to cause to be set on fire through a third party 09

जलूस nm. demonstration, in the form of a march or procession; जलूस निकलना to take out a demonstration 08

जवाब nm. answer 02

जवाब nm. answer 05

जहाँ... वहाँ... relative pr. where… there… 05

जाँघ nf. thigh 08

जानवर nm. animal 06

जानेवाला nm. one who is going, about to go, 04

जितना relative pr. as many (relative form) 05

जितना... उतना... relative pr. as many.... so many... ; as much... so much... 05

जीना vi. to live 03

जीवन nm. life 01

जुड़वा adj. twin; as in जुड़वा भाई twin-brother or जुड़वी बहन twin-sister 02

जेठ nm. nm. brother-in-law (husband’s elder brother) 02

जेठानी nf. sister-in-law (husband’s elder brother’s wife) 02

जैसा adj/adv. like, in the manner of 07

जैसे ही... वैसे ही... relative pr. as soon as... then, at that moment… 05

ज़्यादातर adv. mostly 02

ज्योंही... त्योंही... relative pr. as soon as... then, at that moment… 05

झंडी nf. a small flag 10

झुग्गी nf. hut, shack, slum 09

झोंपड़ी nf. hut, shack 09

टाँग nf. leg 08

टाइम nm. समय, वक्त 06

टूटना vi. to be broken 08

टूटना vi. to be broken, तोड़ना vt. to break, तुड़वाना vt. to cause to be broken through a third party 09

ठहरना vi. to stay a while, to remain, to lodge 05

ठाकुर nm. a Thakur, a Hindu caste and often land owner 06

ठुड्डी nf. chin 08

डाक-घर nm. post office 07

डाकिया nm. postman 07

डालना vt. to pour 01

डूबना vi. to sink, डूब जाना to become sunk 10

ड्राइवर nm. driver (old fashioned formal Hindi चालाक) 06

ढूंढना vt. to search for 04

तंदुरुस्ती nf. health (cf. तंदुरुस्त adj. healthy) 05

तक़दीर nf. fate, destiny 07

तन्दूर nm. तन्दूरी a type of oven. 06

तमाशा nm. spectacle, show, event 10

तरफ़ nf. direction 06

तरीक़ा nm. method, recipe 02

तलाश nf. ~ की तलाश करना to search for ~ 10

ताई nf. aunty ‘father’s elder brother’s wife’ (also spelled तायी) 02

ताक़त nm. strength, as in a person’s physical strength 04

ताकि cj. so that (normally followed by subjunctive) 02

ताकि cj. so that (normally followed by subjunctive) 03

ताया nm. uncle ‘father’s elder brother’ 02

तार nm. wire 01

तारा nm. star (cf. सितारा) 05

तारीख़ nf. calendar date (cf. दिनांक) 04

तालाब nm. lake, pool (normally artificial) 02

तूफ़ाँ nm. typhoon 02

तेज़ adj./adv. sharp, fast, loud, intelligent, strong 04

तेज़ी से adv. quickly 06

तेल nm. oil 01

तेलिया adj. oily 03

तो ‘then’ in ‘if... then’ or ‘when... then...’ 02

तोड़ना vt. to break, to pick a fruit 07

त्योहार nm. festival, religious event 02

थोड़ा बहुत phr. a little bit 06

थोड़ी-सी चाय phr. ‘a little [of] the tea’ ‘some tea’ 06

दरोग़ा nm. inspector 10

दर्जा nm. form, of a school etc. 04

दर्शन nm. vision, ~ का दर्शन करना 10

दलाल nm. broker 09

दवा nf. medicine (also found as दवाई) 10

दिखाई देना vt. to be visible (alternately दिखाई पड़ना or नज़र आना 10

दिखाना vt. to show 07

दुआ nf. blessing, दुआ माँगना to ask for blessings. 01

दुनिया nf. world 03

दुर्घटना nf. accident, ‘bad event’ as in car accident 03

दुर्भर adj. difficult, as in hard to bear 03

दृश्य nm. scene 03

देखभाल nf. care for (‘look after’); देखभाल करना vt. to ~ 07

देखभाल nf. ~ की देखभाल करना to look after, care for 10

देना vt. to give, दिलाना/दिलवाना vt. to cause to give 09

देर nf delay, देर से late, delayed 03

देवर nm. brother-in-law (husband’s younger brother) 02

देवरानी nf. sister-in-law (husband’s younger brother’s wife) 02

देवी nf. goddess, Eastern Hindi: a respectful way to refer to a married woman 01

देश nm. country 04

देहान्त nm. death, ~ का देहान्त होना for ~ to die 08

दैनिक जागरण phr. ‘Daily Awakening’ a newspaper 04

धड़ाधड़ adv. constantly 09

धीरे adv. slowly, धीरे से adv. slowly 03

धुलना vi. to be washed, धोना vt. to wash, धुलवाना vt. to wash through a third party 09

धूप nf. sunshine; NB nm. a form of incense 05

धोना vt. to wash something (not to wash the body) 01

ध्यान nm. attention 10

ध्यान देना vt. to pay attention 01

ध्यान से adv. attentively 08

नगरपालिका nm. town council 09

नल nm. tap, and also pipe नल का पानी running water 01

नाक nf. nose 08

नाता नाती nm./nf. daughter’s son-daughter; grand-son, grand-daughter 02

नाना-नानी nm./nf. maternal grandfather-grandmother 02

नामक adj. X नामक Y, as in दिल्ली नामक शहर a city named Delhi 06

नाराज़ adj. displeased, angry 04

निकलना vi. to come out 05

निकलना vi. to come out, निकालना vt. to take out, निकलवाना vt. to cause to be taken out through a third party 09

निर्देश nm. instruction 01

नेवला nm. mongoose 01

नौकर nm. servant 09

नौकरानी nf. female servant, wife of a servant 03

नौकरी nf. ‘service’, a job, work 04

न्यायाधीश nm. judge 06

पकाना vt. cook 02

पगड़ी nf. turban 09

पड़ोसी nm./nf. neighbor 01

पतीला nm. a kind of cooking pot 02

पत्ती nf. leaf 06

परंपरा nf. tradition 06

पर्ची nf. slip of paper, prescription 05

पश्चिमी adj. western 10

पसंद आना vi. ~ को पसंद आना for ~ to come to like something 01

पहनना vt. to put on clothes, to wear stitched clothing 07

पहलू nm. aspect, side 04

पहुँचना vi. to arrive, पहुँचाना vt. to deliver, पहुँचवाना to cause to be delivered through a third party 09

पाँव or पैर nm. foot 08

पाठ nm. lesson 01

पानी पड़ना vi. to rain 06

पानी भरना vt. to draw water from a well 06

पालना vt. to foster, care for 07

पास adj. near, closeby 04

पिस्ता nm. pistachio nuts 02

पीएम abb. PM (for प्रधानमंत्री) 02

पीछा nm. ~ का पीछा करना to follow, to pursue, to chase ~ 10

पीछे की तरफ़ phr. at the back, (‘in the direction of behind’) 06

पीठ nm. back 08

पीना vt. to drink, पिलाना/पिलवाना vt. to cause to drink 09

पीसना vt. to grind 01

पुजारी nm. a Hindu priest 06

पुराना adj. old (of things, relationships etc.) 03

पुल nm. bridge 01

पूजा nf. ~ की पूजा करना 10

पूरा करना vt. to complete, fulfil 01

पूर्वी adj. Eastern 05

पेट nm. stomach 08

पैर की उँगली nf. toe 08

पोखर nm. small lake, pool (normally natural) 02

पोता पोती nm./nf. son’s son-daughter; grand-son, grand-daughter 02

प्यारा adj. lovely 06

प्यास nf. thirst, ~ को प्यास लखना for ~ to feel thirsty 06

प्रधानमंत्री nm. prime minister 08

प्रयोग nm. use (cf. इस्तेमाल); nm. experiment 03

प्रश्‍न nf. question 04

प्रसन्‍न adj. to be happy, pleased 02

प्रेम nm. love, ~ से प्रेम करना to love ~ 08

फटना vi. to be torn, फाड़ना vt. to tear, फड़वाना vt. to cause to be torn through a third party 09

फ़र्क nm. difference, also adv. different 05

फ़ायदा nm. profit, advantage, gain 03

फ़ायदा nm. advantage, profit, gain 10

फिलहाल adv. for the moment, recently 01

फुफेरा भाई nm. cousin ‘father’s sister’s son’ 02

फुफेरी बहन nf. cousin ‘father’s sister’s daughter’

फ़ूफा nm. uncle ‘father’s sister’s husband’ [invariable] 02

बँधना vi. to be tied, बाँधना vt. to tie, बंधवाना vt. to cause to be tied through a third party 09

बंगला nf. Bengali 01

बग़ल nf. side, flank 01

बढ़ना vi. to increase 06

बताना vt. to tell, relate 03

बदलना vi. to change; बदल जाना vi. to become different 05

बनना vi. to become; बन जाना vi. to turn into, to become 06

बनना vi. to be made, बनाना vt. to make, बनवाना to cause to be made through a third party 09

बरगद nm. the banyan tree 10

बराबर adj. equal 07

बर्फ़ पड़ना vi. to snow 02

बस्ती nf. settlement 03

बहनोई nm. brother-in-law ‘sister’s husband’ 02

बाँटना vt. to divide, to share 03

बाँसुरी nf. flute 10

बाँह nf. arm 08

बाक़ी adv. remaining, leftover 02

बाघ nm. tiger 05

बाड़ा nm. enclosure, field 05

बाढ़ nf. increase, rise, बाढ़ आना vi. to flood 05

बात को जाने दो। phr. ‘let the matter go’ 06

बादशाह nm. king, emperor 08

बारात nf. marriage procession (also found as बरात) 05

बाल nm. pl. hair (normally in the plural) 08

बाल श्रमिक nm. child labourer 10

बाल्टी nf. bucket 01

बिकना vi. to be sold 05

बिकना vi. to be sold, बेचना vt. to sell , बिकवाना/बिचवाना vt. to sell through a third party 09

बिकरी nf. sale 09

बिजली nf. electricity, lightning 01

बिरादरी nf. community 09

बिहार nm. Bihar 05

बीच-बीच में phr. from time to time 02

बीज nm. seed 02

बीज nm. seed 04

बीवी nf. wife (Urdu) 02

बुआ nf. aunt ‘father’s sister’ [invariable] (also पुफी / फ़ूफी) 02

बुकपोस्ट nm. book post (a former service of India post) 07

बुड्ढा nm. ‘old buffer’ a non-respectful way to speak of a बूढ़ा 08

बुनकार nm. weaver 10

बुरा adj. bad 03

बुलबुल nf. nightingale 07

बूढ़ा adj./nm. senior, old; senior citizen 08

बेकार adj. pointless, worthless, ‘without purpose’ 09

बेचना vt. to sell 01

बैठना vi. to sit, बिठाना vt. to make somebody sit, बिठवाना vt. make somebody sit through a third party 09

बोल देना vt. to order, to give an order 03

भदोही nm. Bhadohi, a place name 10

भरना vt. to fill 01

भविष्य nm. future 04

भाड़ा nm. fare 04

भाभी nf. sister-in-law ‘brother’s wife’ 02

भारत छोड़ो आंदोलन phr. quit India movement 08

भारी adj. heavy 05

भाषण nm. speech, भाषण देना give a speech 08

भाषा nf. language 05

भिड़न्त nf. accident, as in a collision between cars 03

भीड़ nf. crowd 01

भूख nf. hunger, ~ को भूख लखना for ~ to feel hungry 06

भेंट nf. 10

भेजना vt. to send 07

भेजना vt. to send, भिजवाना vt. to cause to send 09

भौतिक-विज्ञान nm. physics 09

मंज़िल nf. storey of a building, destination, target 04

मच्छर nm. mosquito 04

मज़बूत adj. strong, as in well constructed of an object 04

मतलब nm. meaning, कहने का मतलब what [you/etc. ] mean to say 03

मनाना vt. to celebrate a festival or event 02

ममेरा adj. maternal uncle's offspring; ममेरा भाई cousin ‘mother’s brother’s son’, ममेरी बहन cousin ‘mother’s brother’s daughter’ 02

मरना vi. to die, मर जाना vi. to pass away 08

मरना vi. to die, मारना vt. to strike or kill, मरवाना vt. cause to be struck or killed through a third party (NB मार डालना vt. to kill) 09

मरीज़ adj. /nm. sick, patient 10

मशहूर adj. famous (cf. प्रसिद्ध) 09

मशीनीकरण nm. mechanisation 10

महँगाई nf. expensiveness, costliness 03

महंगाई nf. expense 10

महत्त्वपूर्ण adj. important (Sanskrit) 02

माँग nf. request, demand 01

माँगवाना vt. to order, ~ से माँगवाना to order from ~ 09

मातृभाषी nf. mother-tongue speaker 07

माथा nm. forehead 08

मामा-मामी nm./nf. maternal uncle-aunt 02

मामूली adj. ordinary, minor 08

मायका nm. married woman’s mother’s home 02

मार्मिक adj. touching, as in very sentimental 03

माल nm. goods, freight 09

मियाँ nm. husband (Urdu) 02

मिर्ची nf. /adj. small chilli, adj. spicy 01

मिलन nf. meeting, encounter 10

मिलाना vt. make something merge, mix 02

मिश्रण nm. mixture 02

मुँह nm. mouth or face 06

मुँह nm. mouth, face 08

मुख्यमंत्री nm. chief minister 08

मुलाक़ात nf. meeting 04

मुलाक़ात nf. ~ की मुलाक़ात होना to meet ~ 10

मुश्किल adj. difficult 04

मुश्किल से adv. scarcely, with difficulty 09

मुहर nf. seal, as in a stamp applied to something 07

मुहर लगाना vt. to apply a seal 07

मुहल्ला nm. neighbourhood 03

मूर्ति nf. image, idol, statue 03

मृत्यु nf. death, ~ की मृत्यु होना for ~ to die 08

मैला nm. fair, market 10

मोमबत्ती nf. candle 09

मोहब्बत nm. love 02

मौक़ा nm. opportunity (अवसर) 04

मौसा-मौसी nm./nf. uncle ‘mother’s sister’s husband’ & aunty ‘mother’s sister’ (also spelled मासी) 02

यदि cj. if 02

याद आना vi. to come to mind, recall 08

याद करना vt. to memorise, learn by heart 08

याद दिलाना vt. to remind 08

याद रखना vt. to bear in mind, keep in memory 08

याद रहना vi. to remain remembered 08

याद होना vi. to be remembered, to be recalled, to learn 08

यानी cj. that is to say 02

यू.पी. abbr. UP, Uttar Pradesh 05

रसायन nm. chemistry, रसायन-शास्त्र chemistry 09

रहस्यमय adj. mysterious 10

राज़ nf. secret 04

राजस्थानी adj. Rajasthani 01

राह nf. path, road, way 03

रिक्शावाला nm. rickshaw driver 04

रिश्ता nm. relationship 02

रिश्‍वत nf. bribe 03

रीति रिवाज़ nm. customs and manners 10

रुकना vi. to stop 06

रुकना vi. to come to a halt, रोकना vt. to stop, रुकवाना vt. to cause somebody/thing to come to a halt though the agency of a third person 10

रुचि रखना nf. interest, ~ में रुचि रखना to have an interest in ~ 10

रुप nm. form 01

रूठना vi. to sulk, रूठ जाना to become sulky 06

रोकना vt. to stop something 06

रोज़गार nm. employment 04

रोना vi. to weap, रुलाना vt. to make somebody weep, रुलवाना vt. to make somebody weep through a third party 09

लगता है कि phr. ‘it seems that’ (if no person को in this construction) 06

लगातर constantly 10

लगातार adv. constantly 06

लगाना vt. to apply, fix, put up, lay in, etc. 01

लड़ना vi. to fight 01

लड़ना vi. to fight 03

लपेटना vt. to wrap 07

ललित कला nf. fine art(s) 10

लागत nf. taxes (formal Hindi कर) 10

लोकगीत nm. folksong 03

लोकसभा nm. parliament 02

लौटना vi. to return, come back (cf. वापस आना) 08

वग़ैरह adv. etc. (cf. Skt आदि) 03

वग़ैरह adv. etc. 05

वज़न nm weight 07

वडा nm. a snack food from South India or Mumbai 05

वफ़ादार adj. reliable 09

वर्क़ nm. fine silver or gold file as applied to some foods 02

वाक्य nm. sentence (in grammar, not in a court) 01

वादा nm. promise 05

वापस आना vi. to come back 05

वापस जाना vi. to go back (‘return back’) 05

-वाला suffix see lesson 4 04

विकास nm. development 01

विदेश adj. foreign, विदेशी nm./nf. foreigner 09

विवाह nm. marriage, ~ का विवाह होना for ~ to be married 08

वैष्णव ढाबा nm. ‘Vaiṣṇav Restaurant’; a pure vegetarian restaurant, 06

व्यापार nm. business, trade 09

शकल nf. face, appearance 07

शरीर nm. body 08

शर्म nf. shame, ~ को शर्म आना for ~ to feel shame 01

शहर nm. city, town 04

शाम nf. evening (4-8 pm) 04

शुरू होना vi. to be begun, to commence 10

संख्या nf. number 10

संघर्ष nm. struggle 08

संतरा nm. orange 07

संदर्भ nm. context 01

संभालना vt. to manage, bear, arrange, keep in control 03

संवाददाता nm. correspondent, reporter 01

संस्कृति nf. culture 10

संस्था nf. institution 07

सगा adj. sibling, blood relative 02

सच adj. true 03

सड़ना vi. to rot 10

सत्याग्रह nm. ‘holding to the truth’ 08

सदस्य nf./nm./adj. member (nf./nm./adj. by context) 08

सपना nm. dream 10

समस्या nf. problem. 03

समाज nm. society 10

समान adj. like, similar (cf. बराबर) 05

सम्मान nm honour, esteem (cf. इज़्ज़त nf. honour) 05

सरकार nf. government 01

सरसों nm.pl. mustard seed 09

सलहज nf. sister-in-law (wife’s brother’s wife) 02

सवाल nm. question 02

सवाल nm. question 05

ससुर nm. father-in-law 02

ससुराल nm. man’s or woman’s father-in-law’s home 02

सहारा nm. support 02

साग nm. cooked leafy green vegetable 09

साढ़ू nm. brother-in-law (wife’s sister’s husband) 02

साढ़े num. + a half, from three and a half upwards 04

सामग्री nf. ingredients. 02

सारा adj. all, whole 03

साला- nm. brother in law (wife’s brother); adj. 'bloody' a term of mild abuse 02

साली nf. sister-in-law (wife’s sister); adj. 'bloody' a term of mild abuse 02

सास nf. mother-in-law 02

सिर nm. head 08

-सी postfix after adjectives, adverbs, pronouns often a sense like ‘ish’, इतनी-सी ‘about this much’ as in बात इतनी-सी है कि ‘the thing is just about this that…’ 05

सीखना vt. to learn, सिखाना/सिखवाना vt. to cause to learn 09

सीखे बिना phr. without learning, see Express Hindi 4 10

सीधा adj. straight 09

सुझाव nm. suggestion 01

सुझाव nm. suggestion; सुझाव देना to give a suggestion 06

सुनाई देना vt. to be audible (alternately सुनाई पड़ना) 10

सुबह nf. morning, सुबह सुबह in the very early morning 03

सुहाना adj. clement, pleasant of weather and character 04

सूर्य भगवान nm. the sun god (respectful expression) 02

सेवा nf. service; सेवा निवृत्त retired 08

सैकड़ों num. ‘scores’ 08

सोना vi. to sleep, सुलाना vt. to make somebody sleep, सुलवाना vt. to cause somebody to make somebody sleep 09

सौतेला adj. step relative; as in सौतेली माँ step-mother, सौतेला बाप step-father 02

स्वतंत्रता nf. freedom 08

स्वतंत्रता-सेनानी nm. freedom fighter 08

स्वयँ pr. self, (reflexive pronoun) 03

स्वर्गवास nm. dweller in heaven, ~ स्वर्गवास होना for ~ to die 08

हक़ nm. legal right 01

हड़ताल nf. strike, (cf. धारना nm. a sit in protest) 08

हड्डी nf. bone हड्डी टूटना for a bone to break 08

हरिजन nm. ‘Hari’s people’ term invented by Gandhi for dalits 03

हरिजन nm. Harijan, a term coined by Gandhi for the scheduled castes, who normally call themselves nowadays दलित 'the oppressed' 06

हवाई अड्डा nm. air port 05

हस्त-शिल्प nm. handicrafts 10

हाथ nm. hand (also sometimes arm) 08

हाल-चाल nm. state, current condition 01

हालत nf. condition, state 01

हालात nf. conditions (pl.) 10

हिलाना vt. make something wave, stir 02

हैरान होना vi. to become astonished 10

हैरानी nf. astonishment 10