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What is Heartwood Insight Meditation group?

Heartwood Insight is a Mindfulness meditation group based in the Dandenong Ranges an hour from Melbourne. We draw heart and inspiration from the Buddha Dharma. The Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya until there was an undistorted clear comprehension of a life free from greed, aversion and delusion.
Heartwood Insight facilitates and supports meditation and mindfulness practices that respond with kindness and compassion to oneself and others as well as developing insight leading to wisdom. Participants have the opportunity to learn meditation techniques; develop mindfulness in everyday life and engage in discussions and dharma talks.



What is Insight Meditation?

The word 'Insight' or 'Vipassana' in Pali (the language of the Buddha) means to see deeply and clearly into the nature of existence and does not relate inherently to any specific technique or meditation teacher. The Buddha conveys the possibility of a range of meditation and mindfulness practices to support calm and insight.
The Insight meditation tradition in the west has many branches and includes many lay teachers and practitioners. Some teachers have been monks and nuns in countries such as Thailand and Burma. Inspiration is drawn from the roots of the Buddhist tradition and contemporary Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. Insight meditation practices continue to be part of a living tradition in both eastern and western countries. It is open to different influences and flavours depending on changing cultural and social mores.
At the heart, Insight, is a contemplation of the heart/mind and a wish to end suffering for ourselves and others.

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Program: What happens at Heartwood?

The Heartwood meditation group meets on Wednesday evenings between 7.15 and 9pm during school terms. Activities include: sitting meditation, as well as guided meditations; walking meditation and dharma discussions.
The group meets in an upstairs studio space in a peaceful location in the wooded Dandenong Hills. You will be encouraged to explore different meditation postures such as sitting cross legged, in a chair or reclining. There will be a possibility to meet occasionally for day retreats which will involve sitting meditations and walking through the forest.

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About Christine


Christine Thompson has been on a life-long spiritual journey, embracing teachings of inquiry and insight from across traditions. She sat with J. Krishnamurti and Vimala Thakar and H.W.L Poonja from Lucknow as well as developing her love of the Buddha Dharma. Christine sat her first Vipassana retreat with S.N. Goenka in 1975 and since then has studied with a range of Dharma teachers both in India and in the West, such as Christopher Titmuss, Anagarika Munindra from Bengal, Godwin Samaratne from Sri Lanka and Sayadaw U Tejaniya from Burma. She has lived in a dharma community in the U.K. guided by Christopher Titmuss and Christina Feldman. Her practice has included extended retreats, such as the three month silent retreat guided by Joseph Goldstein at the Insight Meditation Society Barre, Mass., U.S. She also has an ongoing involvement in the Dharma Facilitators Program in Australia. Christine taught on the Bodhgaya retreats led by Christopher Titmuss and Radha Nicholson in 2011 and 2012. She also taught at the Dharma gathering in Sarnath in 2012. She is a mentor on Christopher Titmuss's mindfulness training program. In her capacity as a psychotherapist and social worker, she has taught meditation and mindfulness to individuals and groups in the mental health and drug and alcohol fields. Christine continues to be nourished by three teachers in particular; Christopher Titmuss, Radha Nicholson and Jaya Ashmore from Open Dharma.





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