Hindi Express Semester Two: Vocabulary-10

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Topic 81

ज़िद nf. stubborness; ज़िद करना vt. to insist

चप्पल nm. slippers

इकट्ठा adj. gathered; इकट्ठा करना vt. to gather

हर adv. every

रोज़ nm. day; adv. daily; (often as रोज़ रोज़)

रियाज़ nf. training, practice

शब्दावली nf. vocabulary

रटना vi. to repeat, to learn by heart

आख़िर nm. end; आख़िर में in the end

इम्तहान देना nm. to 'take' a test, examination; (NB a student gives a test to teacher, so इम्तहान देना and a teacher takes a test from a student, so इम्तहान लेना)

Topic 82

आराम nm. comfort, ease; आराम करना vt. to relax

कमाल nm. exellence; adj. excellent

सेंकना vi. to be baked; धूप सेंकना vi. to sunbathe

उत्सुक adj. eager

शादी nf. wedding, marriage

हवा nf. wind, breeze, air

आनंद nm. bliss; ~ का आनंद लेना vi. to enjoy ~

भूलना vi. to forget

समुद्र nm. ocean

असंभव adj. impossible

Topic 83

फ़ुरसत nf. leisure, free time, leave

तनख़्वह nf. salary (also from Sanskrit वेतन)

कमाना vt. to earn money

कालेज nm. college (In Indian and UK usage college is the same as university, a place you study)

जमा nf. collection, deposit; जमा करना vt. to deposit

जागना vi. to wake up, to stay awake

भर adj. whole, entire; ~ भर all ~

तरह nf. type, sort; तरह-तरह का ~ all sorts of ~

भोजन nm. food (more formal than खाना mostly with the meaning of meals or dishes)

पकाना vt. to cook

Topic 84

~ को याद होना for X to remember

तोहफ़ा nm. present, gift

जन्मदिन nm. birthday

अनुमान nm. guess

बुनना vt. to weave, to knit

पड़ना vi. to lie, fall (inanimates); inf. + ~ ‘have to’

ध्यान nm. concentration; ध्यान से adv. attentively

लिखावट nf. writing

सुधारना vt. to improve, to reform

अदालत nf. court of law