Hindi Express Semester Two: Vocabulary-9

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Topic 77

फ़िकर nf. worry, concern, thought (Urdu)

अगर cj. if (यदि in formal Sanksritic Hindi)

धूप nf. sunshine

उपाय nm. means

Topic 78

पकड़ना vt. to catch

Topic 79

शान्ति nf. peace

चिंता nf. worry, concern, anxiety (Sanskrit)

पिछला adj. previous

चोरी nf. robbery

चोर nm. robber, thief

वग़ैरह adv. etc. (formal Sanskritic Hindi आदि)

समस्या nf. problem

छेड़छाड़ nm. ‘teasing’ as in ‘eve-teasing’ (harrassment)

असुरक्षा nf. insecurity

दंगे-फ़साद nm. riots and civil unrest

बचना vi. to be saved, ~ से बचना to be saved from ~

पहाड़ nm. hill

धुआँ nm. smoke

आग nf. fire

भालू nm. bear

बघेरा nm. leopard

शोर nm. noise

शोरगुल adj. noisy, (note शोरगुलवाली जगहें 'noisy places' see next semester for the use of -वाला)

Topic 80

हे int. Oh! Hey! (often with people addressed as आप or तू)

अरे int. Hey! Oi! with people addressed as तुम (but traditionally not to women)

मालिक nm. boss, master, owner of a business/property

मालकिन nf. mistress (as in wife of मालिक)

पूरा adj. whole

पूरी तरह से adv. competely

होशियारी nf. intelligence

होशियारी से adv. intelligently

ज़रा adv. a little’, just, often used to soften requests

कुशल-मंगल adj. alright (literally, ‘skillful-fortunate’, as in a Banarasi greeting सब कुशल-मंगल है न? Everything's alright eh?

पगला nm. crazy/wild/silly man (can be used affectionately)

पगली nf. crazy/wild/silly woman (can be used affectionately)

बादल nm. cloud

मिष्टान nm. sweet dish (Formal way of saying मिठाई)

चुनाव nm. election

सज्जन nm. gentleman

महान adj. great (used in formal contexts only)