Hindi Express Semester Two: Vocabulary-8

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Topic 73

अनुभव nm. experience, impression (Sanskrit)

महसूस nm. experience, feeling (Urdu)

ख़ास तौर पर in particular

आम तौर पर in general

अकेला adj. alone

डर nm. fear; ~ को डर लगना,  for ~ to feel fear

जानकर adj. knowledgeable

ग़रीबी nf. poverty

भ्रष्टाचार nm. corruption

दुख nm. sorrow; ~ को दुख लगना/होना, for ~ to feel sorrow (rarely also spelled दुःख )

ग़ुस्सा nm.anger; ~ को ग़ुस्सा आना ~, for ~ to feel anger

ख़ुशी होना nf. happiness; ~ को ख़ुशी होना, for ~ to feel happiness

Topic 74

सकना vi. as modal verb after verb stem ~ सकना,can do/able to ~

क्योंकि cj. because

रोज़ nm. day; adv. daily; रोज़-रोज़, everyday

भेजना vt. to send

शर्त nm. condition, as in a 'a condition for doing this is ~ ', provision, wager/bet (in gambling)

भाँपना vt. to guess, imagine, conceive

इकट्ठा करना vt. to assemble, gather together

Topic 75

पाना vt. to find; as modal verb after verb stem ~ पाना, to manage to do ~

कोशिश nf. attempt, try; (~ की) कोशिश करना  to try to (~)

कठिन adj. difficult, hard to do

बर्फ़ nf. ice, snow

वजह nf. reason; ~ की वजह से, due to ~

सफल adj. successful

कलाकार nm. artist

मेहनत nf. hard work, labour

सफलता nf. success

हासिल nm. outcome; हासिल करना vt. to obtain

क़रीब approximately (normally only used with numbers); adj. near, close

Topic 76

चुकना vi. as modal verb after verb stem ~ चुकना ~, already done ~

चुकाना vt. to pay money owing

कविता nf. poem

मसरूफ़ adj. busy

मेहमान nm. guest

निमंत्रण nm. invitation

छपवाई nf. printing

ख़त्म adj. finish; ख़त्म होना vi. to be finish; ख़त्म करना vt. to finish