Hindi Express Semester Two: Vocabulary-7

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Topic 69

योजना nf. plan

सुहाना adj. pleasant, clement

साइकिल से ph. by cyle (means of transport से)

पुस्तकालय nm. library

जासूस nm. detective, spy

एक दम phr. absolutely, बिल्कुल

मज़ेदार adj. fun

समीक्षा nf. review

पढ़ाई nf. study; पढ़ाई करना vt. to study

सीना vt. to sew

सिलाई nf. sewing; सिलाई करना vt. to sew.

वकिल nm. lawyer or advocate

क़ानून nm. law

मुद्दा nm. case, matter

रज़ाई nf. quilt

Topic 70

भानजा nm. nephew

जीतना vi./vt. to win; (with object, vt.)

सूंघना vt. to smell, to sniff

चबाना vt. to chew

छींकना vt. to sneeze

थूकना vt. to spit

कोयल nf. cuckoo

दुनिया nf. world

डोलना vi. swing, shake, tremble

गुजराती nf. Gujarati language; adj. related to Gujarat

Topic 71

बीतना vi. for time to pass

शाबाश int. wow! fantastic!

वाह int. wow! fantastic!

परसों adv. the day before yesterday or after tomorrow

सवारी nm. passenger

Topic 72

पिछले adv. last, previous

भानजी nf. sister’s daughter

भतीजा nm. nephew

भतीजी nf. niece

मनाना vt. to celebrate an event

फ़ुरसत nf. leisure, free time, opportunity

पहुँचना vi. to arrive

अपना pr. reflexive pronoun

भजन nm. devotional songs