Hindi Express Semester Two: Vocabulary-6

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Topic 65

अच्छी तरह से adv. well, 'in a good manner'

जानना vi. to know; ~ को जानना ~, to know ~

समझना vi./vt. to understand, know, consider; ~ को समझना ~, to understand ~; vt. takes ने  if object is mentioned

दुबला-पतला adj. thin and slender (or according to context also thin and emaciated)

बनाना vt. to make

पहचानना vt. to recognise; ~ को पहचानना ~, to recognise ~

विषय nm. subject, topic, issue

महत्त्वपूर्ण adj. important (Urdu अहम, common ख़ास)

मानना vt. to believe, know, regard, consider; ~ को मानना ~, to believe ~

धर्म nm. faith, belief, religion

Topic 66

महीना nm. month

यानी cj. that is; i.e.

उम्मीद nf. hope

बरसात nf. the rainy season

पखवाड़ा nm. fortnight

चाचा nm. paternal uncle, father’s younger brother

संभलना vi. to be managed, to be dealt with

जाड़ा nm. cold season; adj. cold

Topic 67

के बारे में ppn. concerning, about

घी nm. ghee, clarified butter

हाज़मा nm. digestion; हजम होना, to digest

मज़ा nm. pleasure, joy; मज़ा आना, to enjoy

पसंद vi. to like, to enjoy

बीच nf. beach; (formal Hindi समुद्रा तट nm. ‘sea shore’)

चलो ठीक phr. ‘That’s right’ (literally ‘Go on, right!)

दौड़ना vi. to run

Topic 68

मामूली adj. ordinary

बिरियानी nf. Biriyani