Hindi Express Semester Two: Vocabulary-5

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Topic 61

चलना vi. to move, walk, function, ‘to work’

ऊपर से phr. ‘on top of that’, in addition

Topic 62

फिर adv. again

रसमलाई nf.Rasmalai, a sort of sweet dish

ख़ुश adj. happy

ख़ुशी nf. happiness

नाराज़ adj. displeased, angry

बुख़ार nm. fever

सर्दी nf. a cold; winter, adj. cold

तैयारी nf. preparation

जन्म nm. birth; जन्म होना vi. to be born

शादी nf. wedding, marriage; शादी होना vi. to be married

Topic 63

सुझाव nm. suggestion

आगे adv. ahead, in future

याद nf. memory; याद रखना  vt. to remember

सारा adj. all, whole, entire

सभी adj. all, every single one, absolutely all (from सब+ही)

आम nm. mango; adj. ordinary

काफ़ी nf. coffee; adj. enough, fairly

कोई pr. / adj. pr. somebody/someone/anyone/anybody; adj. some/any

कई pr. / adj. several

बस int. enough, that’s all; nm. bus

डिश nm. dish of food (replacing [S] व्यंजन nm. dish of vegetables to be eaten with rice etc.) [some speakers also regard it as nf.]

Topic 64

सोचना vt. to think, consider

कि conj. ‘that’ in sentences like ‘I know that X is Y’

मिस्र nm. Egypt

राजधानी nf. capital

काहिरा nm. Cairo

पर्वत nm. mountain

ऊँचा adj. tall