Hindi Express Semester Two: Vocabulary-4

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Topic 57

अगला adj./adv. next, forthcoming

हफ़्ता nm. week

बार nf. time, turn, occasion

व्यस्त adj. busy

बृहस्पतिवार nm. Thursday

इतवार nm. Sunday

नहाना vi. to bathe; नहाने जाना  to go to bathe

Topic 58

ख़त्म adj. ended, finished; ख़त्म करना  to finish

दिक़्क़त nf. difficulty, problem

बेहतर adj. better

हँसना vi. to laugh, to smile

उत्साहित adv. excited

Topic 59

लगभग adv. approximately

समय nm. time (Sanskrit)

वक्त nm. time (Persian)

पौन num. ‘three quarters’

सवा num. ‘plus a quarter’

डेढ़ num. ‘one and a half’

पौने num. ‘less a quarter’

ढाई num. ‘two and a half’

साढ़े num. ‘plus a half’ (for three and a half and larger numbers)

Topic 60

बटुआ nm. wallet

जेब nf. pocket

के अंदर ppn. within, in