Exercise 25a: मुझको लस्सी दीजिए। Give me a lassi.

Context: Asha and her son Pappu and daughter Munni are ordering drinks at Baljeet and Jaspreet's restaurant. Chose words from each of the columns in order to find out who ordered what following the hints on the dialogue. Correct selections will be inserted into the dialogue.

महेश रीना रवि मुन्नी
बलजीत जसप्रीत आशा जी मुन्नी पप्पू

The possible choices of words

column 1 column 2 column 3

The Dialogue

बलजीत ask politely what Mrs Asha wants
आशाजी say give me lassi to somebody serving you
बलजीत say what do you want to Pappu
पप्पू say give me lassi, remembering that Baljeet is older than you.
बलजीत ask Munni what she wants
मुन्नी say that you also want lassi
बलजीत tell Jaspreet to make lassi (literally make ready)
जसप्रीत tell Baljeet to take the three lassi (remembering husbands tend to be older than wives)
बलजीत say drink Lassi to Mrs Asha (who Baljeet regards as being of higher status)
जसप्रीत say drink lassi to Munni (remembering the relative age/status choices)


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