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Conference Presentations by Peter Friedlander

Melbourne, Wednesday, January 16, 2008 . This is a partial list of the various conferences and functions I have given papers at over the last five years or so and links to audio versions of my presentations where available.

Discovering the Dharma [pdf (438k) of draft for the lectures]
Buddhist Summer School 2008, University College Melbourne
(University College Melbourne, presented by the Kagyu E-Vam Buddhist Institute)

Differences between Hindi and English Press Coverage of Stories
36th annual conference on South Asia
(October 14th 2007, University of Wisconsin Madison)

Dhammapada: Translations and contexts (mp3 format, 45 minutes, 6MB).
Translation Writers Interest Group Seminar
(27th July 2007, La Trobe University,)

Dhammapada: Translations and traditions (mp3 format, 24 minutes, 3MB)
Australian Association for the study of Religion Conference
(Melbourne, Saturday July 7th 2007)

The History of Buddhism (Mp3, 54 minutes, 24 MB)
Buddha 2550 years Exhibition organised by the Buddhist Council of Victoria.
(27th Feb 2007, Melbourne Town Hall)

The Body and the World in Buddhism
Negotiating The Sacred III: Religion, Medicine And The Body
(November 2006, The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, ANU Canberra)

Hindi In Banaras in the 1970s (MP3 Format, about 5mb)
16th Biennial Conference of the Australian Asian Studies Association
(June 2006, Wollongong).

Buddhist Worlds
Australiasian Association for the Study of Buddhism 2006 Conference
(16 June 2006, Sydney)

Buddhism Politics and Globalization
Australian Association for the Study of Religion Conference
(September 2005, Sydney)

Travel talk: phrases for travellers in India
15th Biennial Conference of the Australian Asian Studies Association
(June 2004, Canberra)

Bodhgaya as a sacred and secular pilgrimage site
Religions in the Indic Civilization Conference
(December 2003, Delhi)

Divergent Dharmas: Hindi and English Internet Press coverage of Religion
Third International Conference of Asian Scholars
(August 2003, Singapore)

Race, Religion and Occupation: The 19th Century Census of India and the Anglo-Indians
Who are the Anglo-Indians? Conference
(18th of August 2002, Melbourne)

Bodhgaya in literature
14th Biennial Conference of the Australian Asian Studies Association
(June 2002, Hobart)

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