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Peter Friedlander, March 2009. A great way to explore the Buddhist traditition is by examining the original Pali of Buddhist texts, the English translations, and the ways in which Pali words are translated. Three useful links which take you to resources for this are as follows.

  • Pali Canon: Online Database: a searchable version of the original text of the Pali canon. It allows you to search to for words in the canon in all the 16,000 or more pages in the text.
    December 24, 2015: update: unfortunately there is a problem with the database currently and I have had to take it off line as it keeps producing enormous error files that are close to shutting the website down.
  • AccesstoInsight a website with an amazing collection of Pali suttas in translation, and extensive materials from the Buddhist Publication Society in Kandy's publications.
  • The Pali Text Society' Pali English Dictionary: a remarkable resource that allows you to search, for both Pali and English terms, and see how they are used in Pali Buddist Texts. For instance, a search for 'hope', combined with selecting the option to search for 'words containing' the term, brings up the 26 occurences of this term in the dictionary.

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